THE BUZZ: World of Goo creator 2D Boy has announced that this week, the much-acclaimed puzzle game reached 1 million downloads via Apple’s App Store.

Here’s the breakdown for sales as provided by 2D Boy:

  • 69% of downloads and 79% of revenue came from the Universal version
  • 29% of downloads and 17% of revenue came from the iPhone version
  • 2% of downloads and 4% of revenue came from the Mac App Store

As well, it was noted that the Android version isn’t doing too shabby for itself. As of this week, the free demo for World of Goo has been downloaded around 450,000 times, and 70,000 full-version copies have been sold.

EGM’s TAKE: I always love hearing when great indie games such as World of Goo do well, so congrats to 2D Boy.

I think sales successes such as this are proof of just how much digital distribution is starting to change the landscape of gaming. It wasn’t so long ago when indie games had little prospects beyond being given away for free on the PC. Now, not only are some of the better titles being picked up for release on gaming consoles and handhelds in one way or another, but indie developers can even go the self-publishing route and make just as much money—if not more.


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