Team 17 has released new details and screenshots regarding the sophisticated physics it will be bringing to Worms Revolution.

Dynamic water is being added to the game, meaning that the wet stuff will play more of a role in battles – besides just being a place you don’t want your worm to be. Players can send water gushing through levels by blowing holes in the floor and walls, and also new water based weapons are being added.

Levels also have new physics based objects in them. “For example, toxic items will disperse clouds of noxious gas when disturbed, causing damage to all worms in the immediate vicinity. Some will explode and cause flames to spew out, setting fire to the landscape and burning any nearby worms. Finally, some objects contain H2O and we know what trouble that can cause,” explains the developer.

Worms has been crying out for a redesign for years and finally Team 17 is obliging. A brand new engine, levels and weapons should ensure one of the best Worms games to date, which should make fans of the series very happy.

Do you like the idea of a redesigned Worms or do you prefer the old games?


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