To their credit, THQ is incredibly open about the things that didn’t work so well in previous WWE titles. That’s why the latest footage for WWE ’13 is more interesting than most, as WWE Games’ creative director Cory Ledesma talks about the improvements that are going into this year’s release, pinpointing the audio and commentary above all other features.

Running through the tape, here’s the list of the major changes noted in the video below:

  • “WWE Live” takes real-life life crowd audio into the gameplay, so that the arena reactions have more depth
  • Authentic ring weapon sounds have been recorded and transferred into the game
  • Two commentary teams—Jerry Lawler & Michael Cole for the modern era, with Lawler & “J.R.” Jim Ross
  • Commentary has been expanded with more context-specific lines and quotes
  • New larger character models have been included for “giant” wrestler types like Big Show and Mark Henry
  • Updated “Predator” combat engine includes new mid-air finishers and reversals

However, not every change is a good one, as the “Spectacular Moments” feature—an addition that highlights amazing feats like choke-slams off the top of the cage, elbow drops through tables, or the ring exploding under a heavyweight superplex—comes with an “Oh My God!” chant. For wrestling fans, it should be a noticeable change, as the traditional crowd chant for instances like those is most commonly a few rounds of “Holy Shit!” among hardcore wrestling circles.

Realistically, THQ probably can’t include “Holy Shit!” chants due to censorship, as the WWE still touts itself as a “PG rated” family-friendly product, despite the fact that WWE ’13 is currently rated “T” for teenage audiences. Even today, going back to the Attitude Era can’t avoid getting watered down by the “PG Era,” it seems.


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