THE BUZZ: Speaking at the London Games Conference, Robin Burrowes, head of marketing for Xbox Live said in the last ten years the service has grown so popular that there is a new user signing up to Xbox Live every two seconds. Burrowes went on to say that Xbox Live had hit the 35 million members mark by the end of last year, accrediting the growth in 2009 to features like Facebook, Twitter, and of course online games like Modern Warfare 2 when membership ballooned to 20 million.

EGM’s TAKE: If there is one thing we can all agree on is that this article just reminded us that Twitter and Facebook are on the Xbox 360. While it’s doubtful those features are what helped Xbox Live membership growth, I’m sure Microsoft’s constant push to juxtapose the Xbox 360 next to the Call of Duty brand every chance it got, worked in making casual audiences associate the shooter with Xbox Live.


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