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Xbox One’s Online Reputation System Segregates Players Based on Behavior

Posted on July 3, 2013 AT 04:20am

Are you one of those people who likes to grief others in multiplayer and generally act like a spoilt petulant child down the microphone? Well watch out as Xbox One’s new Reputation System is gunning for you.

In a recent interview with OXM, Microsoft’s senior product manager Mike Lavin explained that player ratings will determine who gets matched up with who in multiplayer. This system is designed to encourage players to join in with game chat and not hide away in parties to avoid the bigotry and racism that a small number of players like to spout.

The exact way that this system works wasn’t shared, but the gist of it is that players are rewarded or penalized based on their behavior in matches (via reports), and players with a similar reputation will be grouped together in match-making.

“There’s a lot of folks, a lot of our core consumers who just want to basically kick back and stay in touch with some of their old college buddies,” he said. “That’s cool, and Party Chat today and our Party system is leaps and bounds ahead of competitors, from the standpoint of just being able to isolate yourself and cross-game chat. But the problem we see is that this fragments voice communication within games. It’s very difficult, because if you’re isolated in Party Chat, you’re leaving everybody else behind.

“What we’re looking at doing is creating a very robust system around reputation and match-making. If people are in your friends list, we’re not touching that, we’re just making it easier for you to come together. It’s really the anonymous side of things where we’re making these investments. Ultimately if there’s a few per cent of our population that are causing the rest of the population to have a miserable time, we should be able to identify those folks,” he added.

When OXM suggested that this system could lead to a seedy underbelly of Xbox Live emerging Lavin replied, “I didn’t say that. Some people might like to play with people that are similar to them. I would not necessarily want to play with those folks.”

Lavin concluded by stating that there is no way a group of players could get together and purposely tarnish your reputation, so don’t worry about being condemned to Xbox Live hell when you’ve done nothing wrong.

Source: OXM

Matthew Bennett, Associate Editor
Matthew Bennett finally got his big break with EGM three years ago, following years of volunteer work for various sites. An ability to go many hours without sleep and a quick wit make him ideal for his role as associate editor at He often thinks back to the days when the very idea of this career seemed like nothing but an impossible dream. Follow him on Twitter @mattyjb89. Meet the rest of the crew.

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