Jellyvision Games has a smash-hit on their hands with the Facebook version of You Don’t Know Jack, but the app has been held back by Facebook’s “Credits” currency. Thankfully, Jellyvision Games is dumping it altogether.

As announced by the development team, players will be able to buy in-game “tokens” that will replace Facebook’s own currency, allowing the team more flexibility with special offers:

For real, though: The new feature will be YDKJ Tokens. Tokens will simplify things and allow you to earn your way to more free games. You’ll use Tokens to play games, get Performance Enhancers, and collect other stuff we’ll be releasing in the near future, like hidden commercials, new lifelines, and other stuff.

There will no longer be a need for Facebook Credits to play YDKJ. And, like we said, you’ll be able to win Tokens based on how you do in each game, so each game you play helps you collect Tokens, which helps you get more free games. Also, this will allow us to offer occasional DISCOUNTED games, so instead of a game costing 200 Tokens normally, it might cost 175 or 150 – which is something we can’t really do with our current system.

Everyone who already went nuts and bought a bunch of YDKJ games with their Facebook Credits will get an even exchange in the process, with their stashed games getting evenly converted to tokens.

Having launched back in late May, You Don’t Know Jack is still going through a few changes as the team decides how to best monetize their Facebook model. Expect more adjustments before the year’s out.

Source: Jellyvision Games


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