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E3 2013: Madden NFL 25 (Current Gen)

Posted on June 12, 2013 AT 12:00pm

Publisher EA
Developer EA
Platform 360, PS3
Release Date 08.27.2013
Not sure what any of this stuff means? Head on over to our E3 hub for all the deets.

The Rundown

The revered pigskin tossin’ franchise is celebrating its 25th year, and with it comes a slew of new features—owner mode, revamped hitting mechanics, and sleeker visuals, to name a few. It also has its share of returning features, too. The age-old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” seems fitting here. Madden NFL 25 not only recycles everything that’s worked for the franchise in the past, EA listened to their fans and developed in-depth more of what people are clamoring for. In short, Madden NFL 25 aims to be the definitive virtual NFL experience.

The Verdict

In order to become familiar with everything EA managed to cram into Madden 25, I’d easily have to spend way more time than is allotted at any given E3 demo—traditionally we only get a few minutes—10 to 15, tops. However, I sat down with Madden 25 on the PS3 for a whopping 20 minutes! It might sound like a lot of time, but in the Madden universe I feel I only scratched the surface.

In order to hastily check out the all-new Owner mode, I sat down with an EA Madden veteran who schooled me with a detailed walkthrough. For those of you who love stats, building an empire, or any game with the word “Sims” attached to it, this is the mode for you. I was blown away by the amount of customization available. You can facilitate nearly every single detail surrounding your chosen stadium. For example: you can dictate the price of a hot dog, pinpoint how much bleacher seats will run the average consumer, check virtual Twitter feeds in order to receive feedback from your fans, and even apply pressure to your head coach. It was so intricately detailed my brain started to hurt with how many ways you could possibly screw up a franchise. I’m sure my stadium wouldn’t last a mere week.

When it finally came time to actually, you know, play football, I choose my favorite team, The San Francisco 49ers. I had a chance to run a handful of offensive plays, where I scored a touchdown, kicked a field goal, and returned a punt. (I managed to do all of this on Pro mode too, for those of you wondering.) I owe it all to the gameplay, which feels very intuitive and organic—especially for a light to moderate Madden player like myself. I enjoyed running the ball a lot more than passing—this way I was able to use the various mods (i.e. triggers and analog sticks for juking) in order to better thwart and make a mockery of the opposing team. What little time I had to go toe-to-toe against the defense was fun—a lot of fun. With an angst-fueled mob of diehard Madden fans waiting their turn, the EA representative actually had to pry the controller out of my hand. I take that as a good sign.

Wm. Brooks Huber, News Editor
Wm. Brooks Huber managed to go full circle. After leveling up out in the real world—and learning a few tricks of the trade—EGM's former editorial intern came crawling back. We decided to let him in. With his newfound sense of self-worth as EGM's news editor, Brooks is eager to show off all the power, courage, and wisdom he's attained. Follow him at your own risk via Twitter: @brookshuber. Meet the rest of the crew

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