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E3 2014: Far Cry 4

Posted on June 11, 2014 AT 02:00pm

Publisher Ubisoft
Developer Ubisoft Montreal
Platform XB1, PS4, 360, PS3, PC
Release Date 11.18.2014
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The Rundown

You’re given a pistol, some cash, and a passport, and put in the care of a madman named Pagan Min in the Himalayas. Have fun trying to survive.

The Verdict

It was going to be hard to top Vaas as the bad guy of Far Cry 3, but I think Pagan Min is just the character to do it. In the brief couple of minutes I saw him onscreen, Min definitely had shades of Vaas to him, with his soft-spoken tone quickly cranking up to graphic displays of violence. But whereas Vaas’ brand of crazy seemed a little more haphazard, Min’s seems to have a singular, laser-like focus that centers on him staying in power in Kyrat, the fictional region you find yourself trapped in.

Besides encountering Min, my brief playable demo allowed me to test the Far Cry staple of testing my boundaries in the world around me. I was given three primary options in taking down an outpost. The first would be a stealthier route, with a silenced pistol and sniper rifle. The second would allow me to ride an elephant in to the fort to cause mayhem. The third would have me pilot a one-man helicopter and rain grenades on my hapless foes. Normally, I’d take the first route if I were playing the game with my objective truly in mind. But this was E3, and I wanted to channel my inner Min and go a little crazy.

I jumped onto an elephant, ran it straight through the doors of the fort, and proceeded to plow over as many soldiers as possible. One was even so unfortunate to get snared by the elephant’s trunk and get slammed against nearby walls before being tossed across the courtyard. When reinforcements began to arrive, I ditched the elephant, allowing it to run roughshod while I then went and got a second elephant and rode that one around. When helicopters then began to enter the fray, I jumped off my second elephant and hopped in the gun turret of one of the few nearby jeeps not demolished by my ornery pachyderms. I admit I nailed a lucky shot and immediately took out the pilot, sending the helicopter into a tailspin outside the outpost. Another helicopter then arrived, and I shot out this one’s tail, but unfortunately, its crash trajectory made it fall right on top of me before I could get out of the turret. I may have died, but it was the most glorious of deaths. Honestly, how could you not be excited for all of that?

Ray Carsillo, Reviews & Previews Editor
Ray Carsillo has extensive roots in geek culture, as he’s written about video games, comics, and movies for such outlets as Newsday.com, ESPNNewYork.com, Classic Game Room on YouTube, Collider.com, and Comicvine.com before finally settling into EGM as reviews & previews editor. His main goal in life? To become king of all geek media, of course! Follow Ray’s exploits on Twitter: @RayCarsillo. Meet the rest of the crew.

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