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EGM’s Opinionated Guide to E3

Posted on June 11, 2013 AT 06:00am

One Expo. Six Editors. Endless Opinions.

These days, E3 tends to be more of a non-stop, hyperbolic hype machine than anything else. It’s hard not to get caught up in all the glitz and glamor, but when it sounds like every single game at the show is going to be the best thing ever, it all starts to seem a little pointless, right? I mean, let’s face it: If a big-name developer rented a booth, showed off a bunch of crayon drawings of giraffes, and told people it was concept art for their next project, someone, somewhere would probably still call it a Game of the Year contender.

This year, EGM is cutting through all that noise. Rather than offering you sugar-coated previews full of feigned praise, our intrepid editors will go out on a limb and offer our honest, unvarnished opinions of everything we see and play during E3, complete with easy-to-digest ratings. Keep in mind, an awful lot can change between early demos and the version you’ll get your grubby mitts on a few months down the road, so don’t mistake these early appraisals for some be-all, end-all judgment. Plenty of games have failed to impress us before launch only to turn out spectacular, and just as many of our eagerly anticipated titles have wound up as huge disappointments in the end.

As for those ratings, here’s a quick rundown in descending order of raditude:

The crème de la crème. The tip of the top. The best of the best. This game impressed us so much, we instantly went out and got its logo tattooed on our lower backs. No regrets!
Not face-meltingly amazing, but still really promising. If you’re already looking forward to this game, you probably won’t be disappointed come launch day. If not, you might want to keep it on your radar.
Nothing about this game was good or bad enough to make us care much one way or the other. We’re not saying we literally fell asleep during the demo—but we did come pretty close at one point.
Do we really have to explain this one? Unless there are some major improvements between now and when the game hits store shelves, you’re going to want to avoid this one like the plague.

Got it? Good. Now that you know how this whole thing works, head on over to the Opinionated Guide hub page and take a look at our thoughts on the biggest games of tomorrow. Remember to check back throughout the week, too, as dozens of games will be added to the Guide between now and Friday.

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