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EGM Review:
Thor: God of Thunder 3DS

Posted on October 3, 2011 AT 05:24pm

It’s hammer time

So this review is a little late, I know. But the console versions of this game that coincided with the release of the Thor movie really had me scared to sit down and try to get through this 3DS version, which was released at the same time as the movie on DVD/Blu-Ray in September. After reluctantly picking up Thor’s hammer once again though, I can say that Thor: God of Thunder for the Nintendo 3DS is below average, but somehow that’s still better than it’s high-powered console brethren.

Set up much the same way as the console games, Thor will have to contend with the likes of Ymir, Ulik, and other Norse mythology based Marvel comic villains, but instead of drawing from the movie or even the comics, the game tries to spin its own unique tale. Normally I would be all for this, as we’ve seen it before and it has worked wonders for several other franchises, but when you look at the mediocrity of the writing, character development, and poor pacing, the game should have tried harder to stick to some source material if this was to be the end product.

The sound of the game is a definite positive though, taking a chapter from one of the few bright spots on the consoles in that Tom Middleton and Chris Hemsworth lend their voices to Loki and Thor respectively and the music is something worthy of the God of the Thunder. It is just a shame that the visuals are average at best. The 3D effect works well enough and gets the job done if you enjoy the gimmick, but bland landscapes and carbon copy clones of the handful of enemy types you’ll face makes this more of a visual eyesore than anything else in terms of looks.

There are some nice aspects to the game play at least, like truly wielding Thor’s hammer in fantastical ways once you level up enough as you call on the powers of wind, lightning, and thunder. But this grows tiresome as well, even with the game only lasting a few hours total, as the poor A.I. falls easily beneath your godly feet as you spam your attack buttons to simply continue pushing forward through the surprisingly monotonous and repetitive nine realms. Who knew they all were laid out so similarly? The only reason you need to mix up your button mashing, which is hard enough has as is with the tiny 3DS buttons if you have fat fingers like me, is if you’re looking for another way to break your own boredom after being lulled into a barely entertained trance by the poorly designed landscapes.

Another downside to the game is the lack of replay value, but even if there were a wheelbarrow full of collectibles in this game, I doubt I’d ever find the need to willingly pick up this overly generic brawler again. When all is said and done, this portable version of the movie game is better than it’s console brethren, but only slightly and in the end that isn’t even really saying much. I would recommend even the most diehard fans of Thor and comics in general just steer clear of this title as it is added to my long list of disappointed software we’ve seen up to this point on the 3DS and has me almost wishing for Ragnarok more than anything else to put me out of the misery caused from playing this game the whole way through. If you’re looking for a Marvel based super hero game to go play, pick up Captain America.

SUMMARY: A repetitive game that loosely follows something resembling a Thor adventure, it is still better than it’s console counterparts.

  • THE GOOD: Better put together than its console counterparts
  • THE BAD: Still very mundane and generic action in the hack ‘n’ slash style
  • THE UGLY: Frost giants! Oh, and everything else in the game.

SCORE: 3.5

Ray Carsillo, Reviews & Previews Editor
Ray Carsillo has extensive roots in geek culture, as he’s written about video games, comics, and movies for such outlets as Newsday.com, ESPNNewYork.com, Classic Game Room on YouTube, Collider.com, and Comicvine.com before finally settling into EGM as reviews & previews editor. His main goal in life? To become king of all geek media, of course! Follow Ray’s exploits on Twitter: @RayCarsillo. Meet the rest of the crew.

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