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Skylanders Lost Islands iOS – Review

Posted on November 10, 2012 AT 12:27pm

Skylanders Lost Islands on the iOS (iPhone/iPad) could possibly be the ‘first’ Skylanders game made for adults! Lost Islands takes the magic Farmville formula of building up your town/city and drops it straight into the cartoon world of Skylands. As ‘Portal Masters’ your duty in the game will be to help rebuild the Mabu lands – looks like all the Skylanders can get involved and the game even brought back Eon to help guide you on your quest!

Last year – we were treated to Skylanders Cloud Patrol on the iOS platforms – a fun and simple game similar to ‘Fruit Ninja‘ with lots of tapping and swiping gameplay fun. Skylanders Cloud Patrol was pretty easy to pick up and play for ‘quick bites’ of fun but Skylanders Lost Island is quite the opposite. Expect to log hours and days of play with Skylanders Lost Island as you build up your town and level up your Skylanders – the game requires patience, dedication and micro-management. No ‘Portal of Power’ needed – you can use character codes or unlock additional Skylanders with in-game purchases.

Skylanders Lost Islands is addictive much in the same way as Clash of the Clans on the iOS platform – your Skylands will thrive and flourish while you are away. There are in-game items to purchase and an OPTION to turn this feature off – important for the parents who hand over control of their iPhone or iPad to their children for the afternoon. We’ve provided some sample gamplay video from Jojopetv for you to see for yourself just how intriguing the game can be – if you declare yourself a ‘Portal Master’ then you must go download this game now!

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