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Tiny Troopers – Review

Posted on September 13, 2012 AT 06:55pm

Developed by Kukouri Mobile Entertainment and published by Chillingo, Tiny Troopers is a fun real-time strategy game ported from iOS and Android onto Steam. As this was originally a handheld game, Tiny Troopers takes many of its cues from that platform, including a simple control scheme and bold, colorful graphics. With some quick clicking and well-timed supply drops, you may just survive this miniature war.

After some quick instruction, players are thrown into the midst of 30 levels filled with progressively difficult enemies, from simple assault troops to snipers, grenadiers, and even a few tanks for good measure. Level objectives in Tiny Troopers can consist of eliminating enemy troops, destroying enemy structures, escorting civilians, or just flat-out survival. One of the keys to defeating enemy soldiers is your own survival, as your troops grow progressively tougher with every level they survive. When enemy formations start taking your troops down, that’s when it’s best to employ secondary weapons such as grenades, rocket launchers and air strikes to even the odds.

Even with the purchase of specialty soldiers available at the beginning of each level, enemies in Tiny Troopers can still present a very real threat. Do not let the adorable graphics fool you – a stick of dynamite can wipe out your entire squadron in the middle of a firefight and force you to replay the whole map if you’re not careful. Worse yet are enemy snipers, whose long range fire can unwittingly pick away at your health from off-screen while you’re distracted by troops firing at you from behind sandbags or swarming your men.

Tiny Troopers may look childish at first glance but even with basic graphics and simple point-and-click controls there lies a game with plenty of reward and repeated value. Whether playing through the campaign mode or replaying individual levels to find a myriad of hidden collectibles, Tiny Troopers is a simple yet fun RTS romp that should be enjoyed by gamers of all skill levels.

Tiny Troopers is available now on Steam (for $9.99) as well as iOS and Android.

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