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3 Ways to Get the Most Out of the Steam Summer Sale

Posted on July 12, 2012 AT 10:38am

It’s that time of year again, and Steam has unleashed their Summer Sale for the year with some new additions as well as the traditional Daily Deals and low prices for collections. Getting the most bang for your buck is key–and this guide will show you how to get more games for less.


I know, I know – the sale just hit. The prices are low. Your wallet is aching, and you can’t wait to spend some money because it feels like EVERYTHING is on sale. It is…but you’ll need to have a little bit of patience. The toughest ingredient of all to acquire during this sale is patience. Why? Because the game you want isn’t on the Daily Deals list.

Steam’s Daily Deals (and this year, Flash Deals too!) will take the already-existing discount on the title you want and drive it into the ground even lower. I know that copy of Binary Domain is tempting, but don’t pull the trigger on it because it may be a daily deal. Be patient. It’s tough, but it’ll pay off in the end when it’s $5 instead of $10. If it isn’t, don’t fret – on the last day of the Steam sale, pick up anything you want that hasn’t been a Daily Deal yet. It won’t happen again. Also, keep your eyes open for the Flash Deals. New this year, the Flash Deals are only available for a handful of hours until they rotate out.

  • HINT 2: Publisher Catalogs Can Be Worth It

The Publisher Catalogs (Like SEGA’s, which is a whopping 88% savings) shouldn’t deter you if you already own some of the games on Steam. When you buy a full publisher catalog, any game you already own is turned into a gift that you can give to a friend on your list. However, some packs warn you ahead of time that you will not receive extra copies, so make sure you pay attention to the fine print before you buy! Be charitable to your friends and spread the love. Work out an exchange with your friends. One good turn deserves another.

  • HINT 3: Participate in All Activities

Steam has a track record of rewarding people who participate in their community, their events, and use their platform to the fullest. Steam Badges have been introduced, and it’s certainly worth trying to gain every single Steam specific platform achievement in these badges as they may pay off later. Nothing is concrete, but it is a wise decision to spend a little time maximizing your Steam experience. This year, Steam has introduced community voting for more sale items, so make sure you vote for the titles you want to see on sale!


Stop reading this article and get to spending! Don’t forget – wait for the daily deals. WAIT FOR THE DAILY DEALS. WAIT FOR THE DAILY DEALS.


Bless you, Gabe Newell.


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