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PAX Prime 2012 – After Notch: The New Minecraft Team Panel

Posted on September 15, 2012 AT 07:09am

This was a panel that fans were waiting for, the line began to form right after the beginning of the panel before it, with dozens of dedicated Minecraft fans perfectly willing to wait to see the panel. The panel and main questions were led by Lydia Winters, the Director of Fun at Mojang. She opened by asking Jens Bergensten how the day to day work changed when Notch stepped down and made him the Lead Developer of Minecraft, Jens replied that the day to day work didn’t really change and he knew that he was going to be Lead Developer for quite some time before it was officially announced. Lydia explained that Nathan Adams, Warren Loo, and Erik Broes were all hired from the Bukkit project, a hobby project that they all started to extend the functionality of the Minecraft servers. The Bukkit developers were hired because they were a established team of Minecraft fans that had good developer experience.

Lydia went on to ask what each member of the panel is currently working on in Minecraft: Jens and Nathan are both working on the content features of the 1.4 update which is set to release sometime near Halloween, Erik is working on an automated build process so that new users don’t have to download a new client every time there is a new update and reworking the overall code-base to improve performance, and Warren is working on a bug tracker for users to communicate with the team easier.

Lydia asked the team a great question for all hardcore fans to hear, “Which ideas does the team listen to and what’s the best way to give your ideas to Mojang?” Jens and Nathan replied that small (nice-to-have) ideas are better, they can add to the game without threatening to change the core gameplay at all. The best way to give your ideas to the Mojang team is to post them on either Reddit or the Minecraft Forums and bounce them off of other fans and maybe polish and improve them, but the team warned the audience that they only take new ideas when they are looking for them and they joked that Twitter spam s incredibly not helpful to anyone.

The panelists also spoke about the future of Minecraft. Nathan reminded us about the new update that will be both pretty and scary for Halloween and he named it on the spot as “The pretty, scary update.” Erik was excited to talk about the Modding API that he and Warren are working on to allow users and fans to expand Minecraft more easily on their own.


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