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Allods Adventure [iOS] Review

Posted on December 13, 2012 AT 10:30am

Allods Adventure HD is a peerless puzzle adventure, uniting the flourish of an epic narrative with the challenge of solving over 20 unique 3D  puzzle games. Based off the original MMO but now in a mobile format. Players have the selection of a few different bizarre pets. Using the animals’ unusual skills the will try to defeat the guards of each maze. Numerous bonuses and prizes are available to win, including new levels for the best players. Players can also follow their progress in treasure hunting and learn more about the June civilization’s history with beautifully painted comics as they explore the game’s vibrant universe.

Graphically Allods Adventure kept my attention unlike most other mobile games. Monsters and levels around you popped with a vibrant color. You could actually distinguish a tree from a bush they did not look like green blobs. As you traveled into new levels and scenes changed you got a feeling for the gameplay even more. Added in were the sounds that made the game both fun and more enjoyable.

Allods Adventure HD Features:

* Over 20 unique 3D puzzles guide players through the ruins of June and closer to its hidden treasure
* Unlock exciting and beautifully painted comics at each level
* Enjoy Sarnaut’s rich, virtual universe created with innovative Unity3D technology
* Learn how to navigate each puzzle with user-friendly controls and interactive hints
* Collect 30 exotic creatures, each with their own unique animation and effects
* Earn exciting bonuses and prizes for every completed mission, including a vast collection of mesmerizing concept art
* Share achievements with friends via social networking

Allods Adventure has some replay value in the fact each level is a puzzle to complete. Players will pride themselves on trying to better scores and beating each level to the full extent. Getting stuck on certain levels was a sure thing to happen meaning playing for a bit longer. Players will be able to enjoy the game both in short and long periods. Whether sitting at home or on the go Allods Adventure will offer great game to anyone.

SUMMARY: Allods Adventure is a great game all around both fun and interesting. Unlike most iOS games it has a depth to it that will keep players of all ages happy. Graphically it rivals many of the top iOS games and you can enjoy what you are looking at. With a small price tag too you would be goofy not to at least give Allods Adventure a play through at least.

  • THE GOOD: Beautiful graphics with fun gameplay in a mobile package
  • THE BAD: Not enough time to always play

SCORE: 8.0/10


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