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Ask The CEO!

Posted on August 22, 2012 AT 06:36pm

Ask the CEO!

Ask me (almost) anything about gaming, technology, or myself and each week I will be picking  some questions to answer and post here in this section.  If your answer is chosen your handle/twitter account will be mentioned and we will send you a free ORIGIN PC T-Shirt!

How to submit:

Send your questions via email to or  send it via twitter to @originpcceo and @digitalnoob_com



ORIGIN PC builds custom, high-performance desktops, workstations, and laptops for hardware enthusiasts, digital/graphics artists, professionals, government agencies and gamers. ORIGIN PCs are hand built, tested, and serviced by knowledgeable gaming enthusiasts, industry veterans, and award winning system integrators. Every ORIGIN PC comes with free lifetime 24/7 support based in the United States.  The ORIGIN PC staff is comprised of award-winning, experienced experts in the gaming and PC markets who want to share their passion with other enthusiasts.  ORIGIN PC is located in Miami, FL and ships worldwide. For more information, please visit or call 1-877-ORIGIN-Ø. (674-4460)


About Me:
Believe it or not, I first got into PC gaming thanks to my mom. She came home one day with a shareware version of Doom that a friend had given her. I was mesmerized by the 3D environments and controls and have been hooked on PC gaming ever since that day. Determined to work in the gaming industry, I worked at EBGames/Gamestop while in college until making the jump to Alienware in 1999. I have worked in the gaming industry for over 15 years holding positions ranging from quality assurance tester to vice president of marketing. At ORIGIN my primary role is to ensure we stay true to our commitment of customization, service, gaming, and performance. I make certain that the communication of our brand to the world is true to the work we perform on a daily basis. With the dedicated staff of hardcore enthusiasts we have working on every PC like it was their own, sometimes it feels more like a hobby than a job.


What is the first game you remember playing?
Pong of course. Yes, we had a pong machine in my house. We didn’t play it much though. The first game I can remember being hooked on was probably Pitfall for the Atari 2600.

What are your favorite games?
So many great games, so little time. Half-Life always comes to mind first when I think of my favorite game of all time. Recent favorites include the COD, LFD, Assassin’s Creed, and GTA franchises. Back in the day I was a hardcore Sierra junkie and loved all of the Police Quest, Space Quest, Hero’s Quest, and King’s Quest games. I play games on every and any system so I also have to give credit to the console games that got me hooked on gaming growing up: Zelda, SMB, Kid Icarus, Metroid, Castlevania…. basically way too many classic NES titles to list. Last but not least I love a good sports game which unfortunately nowadays seem to only be on consoles. NHL, Madden, and the 2K basketball games are must haves every year.

What do you do when you are not gaming?
When I’m not gaming I’d pretty much rather be gaming…..well OK, there are things I like to do outside of gaming. Playing poker is always fun (if I win). House games, online, or in Vegas. I also enjoy traveling, seeing new places, and meeting new people. Playing basketball, football, and running are my outdoor sports of choice. I don’t really watch TV, the only time I use my TV is for gaming or to watch football or basketball. Oh, and I love to drive fast, the Miami-Dade police department can attest to that!

What was your first gaming PC?
I couldn’t tell you anything about the specs of the machine. All I can remember is loading up as many shareware games as possible and playing a game called Sopwith non-stop. No idea what my parents used the computer for, but to me it was a gaming PC!

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