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Bitchmade Band Practice

Posted on June 27, 2012 AT 10:04am

It seems as if the best and worst way to find out a person’s true colors… is to kick them out of your band or quit their band. I don’t know what it is, but more and more I get the feeling that being in a band is like dating with musical instruments involved. You try to court capable and inspiring musicians that you could see yourself being with for a long time. When it doesn’t work out, you either try to make it work or you break up. Depending on how things turn out, it could be an amicable split… or there could be a long string of fights and things being thrown at one another. In some cases weirder, more petty or just plain violent things happen.

Why am I even rattling on about these things?  I’m doing so because I’ve been there and yet I’ve never really understood WHY logic goes out of the window when things mess up.  Just a few weeks ago according to TMZ, one of the members of generic rap-rock band Hollywood Undead, “Deuce”, who had quit the band in order to pursue a solo career, allegedly got jumped after a concert by two of his former bandmates. Even though Hollywood Undead is an absolutely terrible band in my opinion, it never really made much sense to me.  If you, the person who either quit, got kicked out or had someone leave your band wholeheartedly believed that your band is this awesome entity, then WHY resort to some petty garbage like jumping someone after a concert?

It isn’t endemic to morons with masks either, sometimes the pettiness takes new leaps of stupid. There are countless bands that have either broken up or kicked someone out only to have their Myspace pages (or Facebook for the current generation) hijacked by an incredibly butthurt so-n-so. One local band I knew of in the area kicked out their lead guitarist only to have him hijack their Myspace, photoshop penises on their band photos, and then post a gigantic blog post full of bad spellings and claims of having gay orgies.  In 2007, melodeath band The Absence had their Myspace hijacked AND their tour van stolen by their ex-drummer.

Childish behaviour  like this is the last thing that should ever be on the mind of a person getting kicked out or the band being ‘deserted’. I understand the feeling of wanting to do something spiteful, but usually the best form of spite is to at least try to make something better than the people that kicked you out… or at least make a better album than you did when your ex-member left.  Stuff usually congruent with the process of “growing up and getting over it”. You can even proceed to bitch about it WHILE you go on to sell huge amounts of records and be considered a good musician; look at Dave Mustaine. Do whatever you want as long as it has nothing to do with trying to fight them or hijack their social media pages… that’s just plain bitchmade and ultimately makes you look like an offensively stereotypical scorned ex-girlfriend.

I am a photographer for Depth Mental Photography and a metal vocalist for Redgrave Syndicate. I'm on twitter (@ReaperX_) where I can be found hashtagging ridiculous things. For DigitalNoob, I write music columns and some things that pertain to gaming. I like rubber ducks, Heavy Metal, sriracha rooster sauce, youtube vlogs, pizza and sometimes I tumblr. How are you guys?

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