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Borderlands 2 Glitches: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying And Level Like Da’ Bomb.

Posted on September 24, 2012 AT 01:27pm

To some, glitches ruin the game, but for me – they are the game. Enter Borderlands 2; a game that takes every MMO convention from 2005 and beyond, shoe-horns them into a shooter, and receives praise by the general public and critics alike as genre-breaking and incredible. I guess Borderlands 2 is incredible…To some, maybe. To me, Borderlands 2 is an RPG for the Call of Duty generation. Take that how you will. I’ve already done my fair-share of grinding through RPG’s in my life, and maybe you feel this way too. So if you want to just move on and get to the meat of things and you don’t want to grind away to New Game + mode (Chrono Trigger’s influences till being felt to this day) then follow a couple of these easy exploits to get yourself a solid start on your life on Pandora.

Duping cash (and other stuff):

The oldest host/client exploit in the book. Trade a friend (the host of the multiplayer game) your cash and then dashboard/alt F4/or go to the PSN menu. Whatever you do, don’t save your game. Now hop back into your host’s game and all of your cash that was in your inventory is still there, and he has what you traded him too. If your mind can’t handle quasi-inter-dimensional travel and paradoxes this might not be for you, but I got 78 million bucks in just under an hour after starting with 30k.

Rinse and repeat this process until you have a lot of cash.

*Super Nerdy Bonus Round!*

Be in sanctuary while you are duping cash while someone is constantly playing slots in Moxxie’s to get mad amounts of Iridium for the group (remember Iridium picked up goes to everyone playing). The slots are your best reason for having this much money, as there isn’t much use otherwise for cash (besides the obvious). Keep in mind your death penalty/rez cost is based on a percentage of your total money, not at your level. So at level 21 I was losing roughly $500k per death. Oh well.

Fast Ex Peas! Tiny Tina exploit!

This can work to get some lowbie characters to the 20′s in a matter of minutes, and in New Game + it can get you to the mid 30′s to mid 40′s quite fast as well. Here’s a handy video explaining what to do.


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