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Chrome Book and the Cloud: Are You Ready?

Posted on November 28, 2012 AT 01:29pm

With the recently released of the $250 Samsung Chromebook with Chrome OS, it has been getting a lot more attention than it usually does. A lot of people are flocking to the device simply for the price point, but aren’t taking into consideration what moving into the Google Cloud actually does.

The entire OS lives on a 16GB Solid State Drive, and there is room for some background images, but that’s about all you’re going to be storing on it. How Google is getting around the storage problem is their cloud solution aka Google Drive. With the purchase of a Chrome Book, you get a free helping of 100GB Google Drive storage for two years, and for many, I doubt you’ll ever need to use it.

With the lack of hard drive space, there is also a lack of applications in the way that most people are use to. There are no .exe files that you can run, and no .zip files that you can extract. Currently, this means no Skype, which is a deal breaker for a lot of people.  What you do get is access to everything inside the Google Chrome store where a large number of HTML5 web-based applications can be found. There are staples like Tweet Deck, Mighty Text, Chrome to Phone, and Google has developed a nice desktop remote control app that runs inside the browser.

With almost everything you do being based in the browser, there is a huge downside if you are not connected to the web. You can’t do much of anything if you’re living in the cloud the way Google has intended. To help combat this, Google recently introduced offline documents and they’ve also included an SD slot on the left side of the Chrome Book so you can locally store some music or a few movies.

With the limitations, is there actually a market for the Chrome Book? I’ll be the first person to admit that the market for a Chrome Book is small, but I’m also the first to admit that I’m the person they’re trying to sell them to. Most of my day, I mostly end up doing very light work in terms of processing power, and like I mentioned above, there are fantastic apps for Twitter, writing, and listening to music. I love this laptop by Google and Samsung, but I am probably in a small niche that will.

Have you been thinking about getting a Chrome Book, or do you already have one? Let us know in the comments below.

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