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Clan of Champions Coming to PS3 and Steam

Posted on June 20, 2012 AT 07:20pm

It has been a while since anyone has heard from them, but yes, NIS America’s Clan of Champions is still coming. While the lack of communication has lead to a few rumors about its cancellation, the Japanese exclusive title Gladiator Vs. is still being brought over to America and Europe later this year. However, it will only be appearing on Steam and the PlayStation 3; 360 owners are out of luck this time it seems.

Now for those of you who don’t know already, Clan of Champions is a hardcore multiplayer action game set in a medieval fantasy world. In it, you will be able to choose to play as either a human, elf, or an orc and engage in a variety of mission based combat and multiplayer death matches.  Now, I could go on and explain all the features of the game, but instead I’m lazy and will instead let the trailer do the talking.

Now, if for some reason you still aren’t interested in this title, then this next little bit of info should make you old PS2 owners pay attention. See, the developer behind Clan of Champions and by extension Gladiator vs. has made quite a few titles, one in particular should stand out to you. Colosseum: Road to Freedom, a rather impressive title that had you play as a slave fighter in the colosseum trying to buy his freedom. While not the most graphically impressive title, it had some very good gameplay for its time and I’m curious to see how they have improved.

Also, just what the hell is a cynosure?

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