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Comic Countdown #22: Fresh Starts

Posted on May 27, 2012 AT 08:34pm

Welcome to the twenty-second edition of Comic Countdown, the place for comic book topics in list form. Reboots are happening more and more frequently, and most of the time, with good reason. After decades of story-lines, many of which saw soap opera like arcs that features clones, pregnancies and alternate universes. The one major company to not  embrace the reboot is, of course, the biggest company of them all, Marvel. Despite Marvel’s incredible catalog, many of their properties have gotten a bit odd, and could use a fresh beginning. With that, here’s ten Marvel properties that would do well to have a reboot of their continuity (to be honest, Marvel could use an entire universe overhaul, a la DC’s New 52, but that’s not likely to happen).

#10: Ant-Man

Remember Ant-Man? Hank Pym, the founding Avenger? The first thought is “No”, which is the main reason Ant-Man needs a comeback title. He’s fallen to the wayside recently, and even when he is around, he’s been given the reputation as the cowardly pervert who occasionally serves a purpose (that may be a bit harsh, but not by too much). Returning Ant-Man to his glory days, even it’s with the current Ant-Man, the less than moral Eric O’Grady. Ant-Man does have a purpose, but he’s currently going in the wrong direction.

#9: The Punisher

Remember how awesome Frank Castle was? The vigilante in a long trench coat who killed those who deserved it? Where did he go? After his decline in popularity and subsequent mediocre movies, Frank’s continuity got a bit weird. From runs on the terrible MAX imprint to a series called FrankenCastle, where he was a modern Frankenstein’s Monster with a terrible play on words (Frank Castle, FrankenCastle, get it?), Castle needs some help to return to his former awesome glory.

#8: The Incredible Hulk

Big Green has had a lot of thing happen to him during the course of his continuity, from being sent off-planet by his friends, to having alternate universe children with Titania. Now, the Hulk and Bruce Banner are no longer of one body, and any fan of the series should be pretty upset by this. The was part of the allure of The Hulk, the struggle for banner to maintain control while The Hulk continuously destroys everything with each appearance. Making them two separate beings is a clue that something new needs to happen, or perhaps, starting over would be a better idea.

#7:  The Black Widow

After the success of the new Avengers film, Black Widow has been finally accepted as being completely awesome. Despite being the only heroic female in the group, she completely held her own and has really come along as a character, not just as a super-spy with a long history of lovers and burned bridges. Giving her a starring role in a new title, with her own continuity and not just as a supporting character would be a major victory for Marvel, and fans as a whole.

#6: The X-Men

The original X-Men comics are incredibly outdated, with some rather silly concepts, and a romantic storyline from the very beginning (as in, everyone was in love with Jean because she was the only consistently featured woman). This could use an update, with the original members of the team (Cyclops, Jean, Angel, Iceman and Beast) given a more modern spin, taking an outdated concept of storytelling it and breathing in new life with some updated writing and artwork. Not changing the original idea behind the series, just giving it a bit of an overhaul.

#5: Deadpool

The Merc With A Mouth has been cancelled, put into a co-starring book, given some horrible new titles (which were cancelled), and put into the MAX imprint. Not sure what he’s done to deserve all this, but, considering the route his new series has been going (no spoilers, go read it), it’s about time to give the Crimson Comedian a fresh start. As great as Daniel Way is, a new writer might be the answer, because they’re running out of things to do with Deadpool.

#4: The Fantastic Four

Several team changes, (Spoiler Alert) one death, and two terrible movies later, comic’s first family has had a rough time of it lately. With so much going on between arcs with this this group, it’s about time they get a break, and go back to the way they were: Comic ray powered people who are a true family, and also fight crime. Give them a shot, they may be a bit on the righteously moral side, but they’re an icon member of comics history. They just need a bit of a hand, right now.

#3: Iron Man

Tony Stark has been through a lot, as well, from alcoholism to sleeping with Maria Hill. With all his work with the Avengers,  his own company and the whole “clever but flawed genius” routine, among other things, being trapped in a cave with some shrapnel attempting to kill him might not be so bad. Giving Stark a chance to do it all over again, with a new creative team could be really interesting. Or, if anything else, put him to a point where he need to begin again. Because the whole “the suit is now a part of my body and I can predict future trends” thing is getting a bit out of hand.

#2: Spider-Man

Despite the new run of Spider-Man going strong, with Miles Morales taking on the mantle of Spider-Man, not too many of the comic book faithful are really buying this new wall-crawler. He was, is, and will always be, to them, Peter Parker. But, in one continuity (another issue entirely), he’s not really around so much (Spoiler Alert: He’s dead). Parker needs a fresh start in the worst way, and with The Amazing Spider-Man film coming out in the next few months (another reboot), this could be the perfect time.

#1: The Avengers

There are too many Avengers groups out there right now. The Avengers, New Avengers, Young Avengers, West Coast Avengers, etc., and it needs to stop. Get rid of all the splinter groups, and get back to how things need to be, with “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” being exactly that. This “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, if Earth was to consist of a small portion of the U.S.” concept is getting a bit tired.

That’s it for this week’s Comic Countdown! Make sure to comment with any concerns or thoughts, and be sure to check back next week for more comic book topics in list form! Until next week!

Russ Pirozek, known as "Noobcrawler" to some, is a gamer and comic book fan who sometimes gets around to writing for DigitalNoob.com. He's also awesome. If someone looked up "awesome" in the dictionary, his picture wouldn't be there, but that's because he's too busy being awesome to pose for a photo.

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