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Comic Countdown #33: Supercouples

Posted on August 26, 2012 AT 08:55pm

Welcome to Comic Countdown, the weekly comic book discussion in list form. This time, in edition number thirty-three, the topic will focus on something that comic book fans have gotten a bit riled up about, as of late, and that’s the pairing of Superman and Wonder Woman, and this time, in a front and center, possibly long-term fashion. While this has been coming for quite some time, fans are getting up-in-arms over the sanctity of the Superman/Lois Lane pairing, among other things. While these focus on only Marvel and DC titles (since they have the larger, connected universes), there are plenty more that are likely left out. This topic will take a look at some other superhero pairings, and why they made sense.

#10: Spider-Man/Mary Jane Watson (Marvel Comics)

They’ve been through a whole lot together, from alternate universes to deaths, marriage and the rocky points those have, and the whole “My other job is as a super-hero” thing. But through it all, MJ and Peter have managed to do quite a bit, and have one of the most important and legendary relationships of all time. While many fans would rather see him with Gwen Stacy, or single, or with just about anybody else, when you think of Peter Parker, you think of Spider-Man, Aunt May, and Mary Jane Watson.

#9: Kate Kane/Maggie Sawyer (DC Comics)

The Batwoman and the detective looking to help take her down make for one of the more interesting couples in comics books, at the moment. While Maggie doesn’t know that Kate is Batwoman, she does know that Kate is an important person in her life, and she aims to keep it that way. Kate, while knowing just about everything, still finds the time to spend with Maggie, and the two of them form a great pair, and one of the best openly gay relationships in comics (mainly because instead of it seeming like it’s important that both are women, they act as any other couple would, which is refreshing).

#8: Rouge/Gambit (Marvel Comics)

With accents of the South running rampant, Rouge and Gambit have had their rough times throughout their relationship. The fact that Rouge can basically kill him with a touch made things pretty complicated. But throughout a long frame of time, the two of them were very much happy with one another, and were definitely a power couple in Marvel Comics. While they’ve drifted apart as of late, the two of them will always be remembered for the journey they took together.

#7: Black Canary/Green Arrow (DC Comics)

These two shared a life, a marriage, and a team-up book. What else could a comic book couple ask for? Dinah and Oliver have gone through quite a bit, and while not really focusing on the relationship they share in the New 52 (Oliver has his own series, and Dinah is working in Birds Of Prey), they have had a long enough relationship to be known, like many others, as one of the more recognizable couple in comic book history.

#6: Reed/Sue Richards (Marvel Comics)

The backbone of the Fantastic Four have been through the Negative Zone, a Civil War, and the death of a family member, not to mention run-ins with Galactus. But throughout it all, these two have stuck together, raised a family, a team, and grown as people, as well as leaders and heroes. There is very few relationships that could ever match the dedication that Sue and Reed have for one another, and it’s looking like little could stand in the way of their bond.

#5: Batman/Catwoman (DC Comics)

They have, they haven’t, and have been rebooted several times, through several different mediums, but Catwoman and Batman definitely have a special bond. While Batman has had plenty of other relationships (Talia Al-Ghul among them), the bond between Bat and Cat has seen itself move throughout comics, movies, and television for decades. This appeared even in the New 52 reboot, with the two of them sharing a steamy moment at the end of one of the very first Catwoman issues of her new series.

#4: Storm/Black Panther (Marvel Comics)

Superheroes often have super-complicated marriages, and these two are no exception. An African King who rules over one of the most technologically rich lands in the world, and a mutant once worshipped as a weather godess shook the comic book world with their union. The events ofAvengers Vs. X-Menhave put a massive strain on the relationship (with Panther being a high-ranking Avenger, and Storm one of the original X-Men), but many hope the two can work it out.

#3: Joker/Harley Quinn (DC Comics)

What countdown would be complete without the most psychotic relationship in the world hitting the higher end of the countdown? While the dichotomy is more along the lines of Boss/Obsessed Henchwoman, the relationship is there. Harley loves Joker with all her heart, to an obsessive degree, and Joker, well, he likes having her around, most of the time. These two have had ups, downs, and all sorts of insane adventures, but their pairing will never be forgotten.

#2: Cyclops/Phoenix (Marvel Comics)

Jean and Scott grew as people, and as a couple, in the early days of Marvel, in a time where the pretty girl was loved by everyone, especially the quite, reserved man standing in the background. But as they grew, honed their powers and matured, the two of them finally acted on their feelings for one another, and embarked on a relationship that survived villains, space, clones, marriage, and even death once or twice. While Jean may now be gone and Scott may have moved on, there is little doubt how much Jean still impacts his life, to this very day.

#1: Superman/Lois Lane (DC Comics)

With the announcement of Superman and Wonder Woman, it’s no surprise that the top of the list focuses on that other girl that Superman had spent quite a bit of time with, Lois Lane. While she’s no real superhero, their relationship was one of the first, and one of the most iconic in all of comics. With Superman now embarking on a new relationship, its always nice to remember back to the days where Lois was the woman for him.

That’s it for the countdown this week, be sure to come back next for more comic book topics in list form!


Russ Pirozek, known as "Noobcrawler" to some, is a gamer and comic book fan who sometimes gets around to writing for DigitalNoob.com. He's also awesome. If someone looked up "awesome" in the dictionary, his picture wouldn't be there, but that's because he's too busy being awesome to pose for a photo.

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