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Comic Countdown #43: Top Of The Class

Posted on November 4, 2012 AT 08:30am

It’s that time once again! The Comic Countdown is back for another week and with another list of ten things that are awesome in the world of comics. Many people, when deciding who is at the top of their game, compare creators to those who have done it the best throughout history. While that’s all well and good, the comic book medium has evolved over the decades, and while the creators of the past should be incredibly proud of their work, it would be difficult to compare one to another, given how ideals and motives have changed. The best thing to do is to actually compare the best of today with one another, comping up with an objective list of those who are at the top of their game at the moment. While there are many, many more talented writers out there, not everyone can make it, so apologies for those who are left off the list.

#10: Jim McCann

While he doesn’t have the extensive catalog that many other writers do, McCann, thus far, is working on quality over quantity. Having gained five Eisner nominations for his work on Return Of The Dapper Men, McCann began to really make a mark on the comic book community. Afterwards, when he released the absolutely stellar new Image Comics series Mind The Gap, he showed that at least so far, he can writer a modern mystery book as well or better than anyone else in the medium. While it’s only five issues in, Mind The Gap is one of the best titles of 2012, with McCann’s writing being a major reason why.

#9: Ed Brubaker

Brubaker has done many great series over the years, many of which with Marvel Comics. His works did some pretty important things, including the resurrection of Bucky Barnes in his work on Captain America (also getting Cap shot during his run on the series), taking over the Uncanny X-Men and working on The Immortal Iron Fist, bringing the character back into being a major player after a brief lull. Brubaker’s work should speak volumes, as he;s one of the major writers in the long list of talented creators working with Marvel.

#8: Joshua Hale Failkov

One of the biggest rising stars in the modern times of the industry, Failkov has turned a little-known franchise into a major force with DC Comics’ I, Vampire, as well as done some great work with other titles such as Echoes and Last Of The Greats. While his body of work isn’t as large as others in the modern industry, he’s already gaining a lot of respect and admiration from many of his peers and looks as though he’ll be around the industry for quite some time.

#7:Scott Snyder

While he’s only been working in the comics industry a few years, Snyder has earned his place as one of the best writers in the world of comics, especially with his current runs in the DC Comics universe.Writing legendary characters such as Batman and Swamp Thing can be a major challenge, but one that Snyder has risen to, with his run on the new ongoing Swamp Thing being regarded as one of the best renditions of the character, as well as one of the best books to come through comics in awhile.

#6: Gail Simone

Simone has been a driving force in comics for years now, and her work has opened the door for many others looking to follow in her footsteps. She’s been nominated for several awards, including some focusing on her work with LGBT characters, and her writing is on par, if not better, than anyone else in the industry today. Her work on Birds Of Prey and Secret Six have been hailed as literary marvels, and anything she does is well worth reading.

#5: Geoff Johns

Johns is an integral part of the DC Comics machine, working on some of their biggest books and delivering every time. His work on The New 52′s Aquaman series is a testament to his talent, taking a character who has been bemoaned for years as one who had little reason to even be in comics, and making him an interesting, dominant force in the DC Universe once again. Aquaman has also been one of the top seller for DC since the relaunch. He’s worked with some of the best on some of the best titles, and it shows with his popular body of work.

#4: Matt Fraction

Fraction went from a blip on the radar to one of the main writers at Marvel in a pretty short time, showcasing his talent on many titles. Fraction’s work should speak for itself, with his work on The Uncanny X-Men, The Immortal Iron Fist and Fear Itself as well as many other major Marvel titles being incredibly popular and well done runs. Fraction has become one of the go-to guys for new titles at Marvel, and hopefully that will continue so fans can continue to check out his incredible writing.

#3: Grant Morrison

There are few living legends of the comic book industry still around the likes of Grant Morrison. His work has walked a very thin line between creativity and blasphemy for years, but he’s always had he ability to turn into successful and engrossing narrative. From his work with Batman, the X-Men and the JLA to his new creator owned title Happy!, Morrison has always thought outside the box, and his impressive resume should speak for itself as to how successful it’s been.

#2: Robert Kirkman

Kirkman has the most popular series in all of comics with The Walking Dead, as well as another great title in Invincible, as well as his work with other major titles, Kirkman has proven that he can create a compelling series with the best of them, so much so that he and his Skybound imprint were the first addition to the Image Comics family since its inception. Writing one of the biggest franchises in the world will easily get you into the top of a list such as this, because the proof of talent is right there in the pages of a massively popular book.

#1: Brian Michael Bendis

Bendis is another legend of the industry, whose notable works are a long list of terrific writing, especially his work at Marvel Comics. Books such as Torso, his run on Daredevil, and his work as one of the main architects of many Marvel Comics events such as “House Of M”, “Siege” and “Secret Invasion” are a testament to the talent of Bendis. While much beloved, he’s also pretty well disliked for his penchant for killing off major characters, including Hawkeye before even taking on his Avengers run, and (Spoiler) Professor Xavier during the AvX event right before his run on All New X-Men. At least he knows how to make an entrance.

That’s it for this week, be sure to check back in each and every week for more comic books topics. Also: thank you to these spectacular talents who help make comics what they are. There are so many talented writers out there, and a few more should definitely be mentioned who couldn’t be included here: Tim Seely, Ron Marz, Jonathan Hickman, Jason Aaron, Mike Mignola and dozens of others. A thank you to them as well. See everyone next week!




Russ Pirozek, known as "Noobcrawler" to some, is a gamer and comic book fan who sometimes gets around to writing for He's also awesome. If someone looked up "awesome" in the dictionary, his picture wouldn't be there, but that's because he's too busy being awesome to pose for a photo.

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