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Comic Countdown #55: From Page To Screen

Posted on January 27, 2013 AT 06:54pm

It’s that time again! Another week for ten more comic book series put into a list format, and this week will focus on comic books becoming television shows. Many comic books are focused on becoming major films, following in the footsteps of the Marvel and DC blockbusters that have hit theaters and made millions. Some books aren’t fit for just a two to three hour movie, but more along the lines of several episodic pieces, perhaps over the span of several years. With that being said, there are ten major franchises that could be run as prime time television shows. With the success of shows such as The Walking Dead, many comics are getting another look at becoming a television show. Here are ten choices that could be in the minds of television executives:

#10: B.P.R.D. (Dark Horse Comics)

This Hellboy related series would make for an interesting show, with the supernatural aspect meshing with a police crime drama. The members of the B.P.R.D. would follow cases on a week to week basis involving demons, spirits and those beings that cannot be explained. With a diverse cast and a lot of ground to cover as far as types of cases go, this could be made into a horror/drama hit, especially if given the right cast and creative staff.

#9: Idolized (Aspen Comics)

Reality shows are such a huge industry in television at the moment, with nearly every channel on television having some sort of reality show on their schedule. With Idolized, a network could combine several different genres, and wrap it all around the superhero feel of a reality show, minus the reality. With the drama of weekly changes in cast and combined with the explosive action of superheroes, this could wind up being a pretty interesting show that could really catch on.

#8: Heroes For Hire (Marvel Comics)

Crime drama with blurred moral boundaries, superpowers and characters that are bigger than themselves sounds like the recipe for a hit television show. With Power Man, Iron Fist, Misty Knight and many others at their disposal, this could be a diverse cast of powerful and flawed characters that can bring the emotional presence to a gritty action drama. Combining that with the fact that they are basically going around the law to get their jobs done, this could explode in many exciting ways during a series.

#7:  Executive Assistant: Assassins (Aspen Comics)

Danger, intrigue and lots of lots of violence? That sounds like an fun spy series involving many well-trained and dangerous characters, lots of underhanded tactics and some aesthetic touches that would benefit many major demographics. If this was well-written enough and given a good enough budget to create the proper atmosphere, this could really take off as an under-the-radar series that gets an incredible dedicated fan base, focusing on the action, suspense and the mature themes of infiltration tactics, backstabbing and winner-takes-all thinking. This could be a modern day Dark Angel or Nikita, with much more to offer in the way of action and intrigue.

#6: Green Wake (Image Comics)

While the comic book series didn’t last its entire run before its cancellation, Green Wake may have been better suited as a thrilling horror series with supernatural influences and lots of tense, creepy scenes. With a unique visual style and a good cast, this series could tell the entire planned story and more in a few seasons, and with many similar shows enjoying popularity in television at the moment (thinkAmerican Horror Story), adding this incredibly intense and chilling story to a visual, weekly medium could be an interesting addition to the television line-up.

#5: The Boys (Dynamite Entertainment)

C.I.A. agents that focus on monitoring and enforcing the law on a group of people who have incredible powers that could endanger the lives of everyone around them, pushing the boundaries of crime dramas to an incredible and violent limit. This incredibly mature show would feature massive violence, sexual content and explosive action. This would be a major risk to take for many networks, but on one that features graphic and mature content, this could be a surprise hit, combining the love of the superhero community with the realism of the human condition and combining it with the moral grey area of being on a squad of beefed-up super-agents.Putting this on HBO or Showtime could really beef up a line-up missing an action series.

#4: The Massive (Dark Horse Comics)

Ecological Apocalypse. Pirates. A group of well known mercenaries moving through the seas as part of a pacifist group, all the while looking for their lost sister ship. This Brian Wood series has been terrific thus far, and if given a dark and gritty atmosphere, this could be an incredibly interesting show to look out for, if it was ever given a shot. This series could be along the lines of a show such as Lost, but not quite as bottled up and without a lot of the confusion that show brought to it.

#3:Chew (Image Comics)

Take Psych, add an ever sillier ability, and add a colorful cast, and Chew would be an incredible series to take on. This John Layman/Rob Guillory product was almost made for television, with it’s out there concept, unique themes and wonderful humor. Given the right cast, network and crew, this series could be a smash hit that many would not have counted on to be so entertaining. The visual factors alone of this series (the protagonist gets psychic impressions by eating things) would be enough of a concept to give this series a chance.

#2: Think Tank (Top Cow Productions)

David Loren is a genius weapons designer. He’s also a slacker and a bit of an ass. This concept would make for a fun military-themed drama/comedy that could mix some of the huge military styled shows (Homeland) with some of the more satirical products on the market and make for an entertaining and thrilling ride through military intelligence, the human condition and a bit of ridiculousness along the way. Would also be an excuse to use really cool gadgets.

#1: Powers (Image Comics)

Superheroes may have some insane abilities, but most of them are still just humans, and humans have the tendency to die. This theme could be an interesting concept that could really push the boundaries of a police drama, combining it with the wanton destruction and violence that is put on a completely new scale when superheroes are involved. This incredible series would have to be overseen the the creators themselves, but this could be an exciting and explosive show if it ever hit the airwaves.

That’s it for this week! Any comments or suggestions are more than welcome! Until next week!


Russ Pirozek, known as "Noobcrawler" to some, is a gamer and comic book fan who sometimes gets around to writing for DigitalNoob.com. He's also awesome. If someone looked up "awesome" in the dictionary, his picture wouldn't be there, but that's because he's too busy being awesome to pose for a photo.

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