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Comic Countdown #56: Marvel’s Superhero Body Swaps

Posted on February 3, 2013 AT 04:27pm

It’s that time once again, where the Comic Countdown returns to bring forth some comic book knowledge in a top ten format! Every week another topic is on the agenda, and this week it’s the age old tale of switching bodies, something done quite a bit in Marvel Comics. While it’s not so common any longer, this technique is something that Marvel has used several times in hopes to create some major drama between characters. With that being said, here are ten instances of this plot device, courtesy of the talented people at Marvel Comics!

#10: Doctor Doom/Daredevil

During the “Living Prison” story-arc, Doctor Doom used a mind transfer on Matt Murdock to take over the body of Daredevil and finally get rid of his enemies The Fantastic Four. While he can see again and has all the advantages that Doom would carry, Daredevil still does the right thing by defeating Doom and restoring himself into his original body, thus becoming Daredevil once again. Doom had some good intentions, but in the storyline, he defeats Daredevil pretty easily, so switching into that easily defeated form may not have been one of his better plans.

#9: Galactus/ Franklin Richards

While not exactly a body switch, in the Universe X reality, Franklin Richards winds up becoming the World Eater itself after taking his armor and doing some alternate reality ridiculousness. He saves the Earth, leaves, and eventually things are set right once again with Franklin returning to his childhood form. Pretty impressive, but he is a Richards, so they can do quite a bit.

#8: Dazzler/Diamondback

Alison Blaire and the criminal Dazzler switched bodies for a time, though neither really got any use out of it (though Diamondback did have some fun with Wolverine while in Ali’s body). Diamondback joined the X-Men during their Australia days to get the matter sorted out, and eventually the matter was fixed. Not an extremely impressive swap, but it was a bit of fun to write, most likely.

#7: Emma Frost/Storm

The White Queen and the Goddess of Weather switched bodies for a bit, while Emma was still a villain. When Kitty Pryde was driven from the X-Mansion to Emma’s school in Massachusetts, Frost changed bodies with Storm in an attempt for her, Sebastian Shaw and the Hellfire Club to defeat the X-Men. After finding control of Emma’s telepathy, Storm fixed the problem, though her, Kitty and Emma haven’t really had the best relationship since.

#6: Doctor Doom/Reed Richards

Doom makes another appearance, as he’s used this technique a few times to get the best of his biggest rivals, the Fantastic Four. Reed Richards in particular was one he desperately needed to get out of the way, and in one instance, he nearly did so. In one of the alternate realities, Doom swapped minds with Richards, using the change to attempt to destroy his foes. Obviously it didn’t work, as Doom was foiled once again.

#5: Daredevil/Bullseye

Another double appearance, Matt Murdock plays the role of the antagonist on this one, using technology from the Hand to switch bodies with Bullseye, making it look as though Daredevil has perished in order for he and Elektra to take out their foes. This alternate version of reality was an interesting show of character from Daredevil, showing him as more of a villain than a hero.

#4: Emma Frost/Iceman

Emma gets switched again, this time with the X-Man, Bobby Drake. Emma’s control brings some jealousy, however, as she’s able to use Drake’s Iceman abilities better than even he can. This was done accidentally, and after finding out the fate of her students, the Hellions, she breaks down, allowing Professor X to fix the initial problem.

#3: Psylocke

The only member of this countdown to have a spot of her own, Betsy Braddock gets the nod because of her back-story that turns her into Lady Mandarin. After being born a regal English woman, she returns after some body shenanigans in a master assassin’s body of Japanese descent. It’s a very complicated story that saw Psylocke get some major fighting skills, all of her psychic abilities after a time, and a lot of questions regarding her death and race change. She’s been through quite a bit, and Miss Braddock’s story is not yet over.

#2: Loki/Sif

Loki is a bad, bad God. After many of failed devious schemes, Loki returns after a sort of death in the body of Sif, another Asgardian and the former lover of his brother, Thor. When Thor stopped the course of the Ragnarok, Loki uses the body of Sif to his own means, completely using her form under false pretenses, making it look as though he’d been reborn a woman. Quite a bit of mischief, though he’s the God of the task, making this a pretty common thing for him to do.

#1: Spider-Man/Doctor Octopus

This is a pretty easy number one, especially considering the recent reality of the body switch. Using more technology, the dying Octopus takes over the body of Peter Parker, taking on the form of Spider-Man and letting Peter Parker perish in his old, broken body. Now the new Spider-Man, Octavius has performed the ultimate villain act, becoming the very being he’s despised for so long. Though it’s undetermined as of yet as to how this will work, it’s at least interesting to see that for once, an evil plan was fulfilled.

That’s it for this week, be sure to come back next week for another comic book topic in list form!

Russ Pirozek, known as "Noobcrawler" to some, is a gamer and comic book fan who sometimes gets around to writing for He's also awesome. If someone looked up "awesome" in the dictionary, his picture wouldn't be there, but that's because he's too busy being awesome to pose for a photo.

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