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Comic Countdown #64: Free Comic Book Day 2013 Preview

Posted on April 7, 2013 AT 08:41pm

Welcome to another week of the Comic Countdown! After a brief hiatus last week, the Countdown has returned, this time to give a quick look into the upcoming Free Comic Book Day, which will be held on May 4th, 2013. The line-ups have all been announced, and this installment of the Countdown will take a peek into some of the more anticipated titles from the big event. With that, let’s get on with the Countdown!

#10: The Red Ten (ComixTribe)

The #0 issue of this brand new series focuses on the classic Agatha Christie workAnd Then There Were None, acting as a superhero retelling of the tale. This murder mystery takes the tale of the Red Ten, a group that has unknown identities and are targeted for murder. Also including the storyOxymoron: Quiet Riot, a story that takes a lone cop on the journey of stopping a psychotic criminal who is holding the city hostage.

#9: Judge Dredd (IDW Publishing)

With an upcoming ongoing series on the way, IDW Publishing is releasing a very special issue of Judge Dredd. This free issue will display one of the most acclaimed stories in the history of the character: the introduction of Judge Death. With some other features locked inside the issue, the return to Mega City One will be beloved by many.

#8: Chakra The Invincible (Liquid Comics)

Written by the legendary Stan Lee, this series focuses on the young Indian boy, Raju Rai, as he lives his life in Mumbai. Harnessing the power of a technological suit, Raju is able to use of mystical powers of the Chakra to use as a weapon of good and unlocking the potential of the body through the wonders of science in the process.

#7: The Steam Engines Of Oz (Arcana Studios)

One hundred years after the death of the witch, the once restored land of Oz has become complacent, and it’s up to Victoria Wright to spark the incoming rebellion. This re-imagining of the classic tale places the land of Oz in a steampunk setting, allowing fans to travel the yellow brick road in a whole new way.

#6: Molly Danger/Princeless (Action Lab Entertainment)

From the mind of Jamal Igle comes Molly Danger, the young lady who protects the town of Coopersville. While there are some dark secrets to the tiny savior, this series shows how power and bravery can come in any package. Also featuring the story of Princeless, the tale of a young woman trying to save her princess sisters as they lie trapped in a mysterious tower.Molly Danger is a wonderful new tale created for a younger audience, and was completely funded by Kickstarter, making it an incredible project.

#5: Absolution: The Beginning (Avatar Press)

In a world where the government has employed supercops to stop the criminal terrors, one cop goes rogue and begins to start killing criminals in secret, making him much more dangerous than the criminals that are trying to be stopped. Collecting issues #0-#1, this is a great starting point for the exciting new series.

#4: Worlds Of Aspen (Aspen Comics)

Featuring a long look into Aspen’s ten year celebration through their “Ten For Ten” project, this issue will feature previews of several of Aspen’s top titles and sneak peeks into new series that the company is planning to release. This is one FCBD exclusive that should not be ignored, especailly given some of the great content that has been put in through Aspen as of late.

#3: Harbinger Wars FCBD Special (Valiant Comics)

Featuring work from some of the top titles from the remarkable and revitalized Valiant Comics, this issue will focus on their first in-house crossover, Harbinger Wars. A clash between the Bloodshot and Harbinger titles, this clash will crack the entire universe into two, creating a conflict that will last long after the war has finished.

#2: Aphrodite IX (Top Cow Productions)

A brand new series from Top Cow creator and COO Matt Hawkins, the newest volume of Aphrodite IX features a brand new world, many different types of characters and a brand new form of social construct that will shake up the entire world, even after a massive cataclysmic event. Be sure to grab this one, as it’s another in the ever expanding world of the Top Cow universe.

#1: Mass Effect/R.I.P.D./Killjoys (Dark Horse Comics)

Three titles in one massive free comic! Featuring three of Dark Horse Comics’ best and biggest titles, getting spotlights onto the major universe that these help create. While Mass Effect has become its own universe in its ties to both the comics and the game, this sampler gives a small look into the sci-fi universe that those who have not read the series will be able to check out. The supernatural R.I.P.D. sampler will give fans insight into the upcoming feature film, and the Killjoys will show fans what creator and musican Gerard Way can really do with a story. This is a major hit for celebration, so grab this one as soon as possible on Free Comic Book Day.

That’s it for this week, be sure to check back next Sunday for another installment of the Comic Countdown!

Russ Pirozek, known as "Noobcrawler" to some, is a gamer and comic book fan who sometimes gets around to writing for He's also awesome. If someone looked up "awesome" in the dictionary, his picture wouldn't be there, but that's because he's too busy being awesome to pose for a photo.

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