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Comic Countdown #67: Icons Of Destruction

Posted on April 28, 2013 AT 07:25pm

Welcome to the Comic Countdown! Last week, the Countdown looked at the symbols of the superhero, the icons that let readers know that there was justice on the way. This week will take a look at some of the villains and groups of villains that these heroes attempt to stop, from all corners of the comic book world. Not as many villains have major symbols like the heroes do, but there are enough to warrant this list. With that, it’s on with the Countdown!

#10: The Decepticons (IDW Publishing)

The antithesis of the heroic Autobots, the Decepticons, lead by Megatron, have been a thorn in the side of the Autobots since the inception of the characters. With the purple symbol on the Decepticon armor, these are some of the most recognizable villains in all of comics. Megatron, Starscream and the crew have been in comics for a very long time, and their symbol strikes fear into many, both on and off Cybertron.

#9: Omni-Man (Image Comics)

A former hero, Omni-Man’s villain turn in Image Comics’ Invincible was one of the biggest moments of the series. He’s got some major powers, some major anger and a pretty awesome mustache, so he has that going for him. Oh, he’s also the protagonist of a hit series, which has to help, villain or no.

#8:Deathstroke (DC Comics)

Mostly a villain (due to his being a mercenary), Deathstroke has his share of enemies. His work for hire skills have put him up against heroes such as the Teen Titans, the Justice League and much more. His regenerative healing factor and martial arts skills, as well as his tactical strategy make him a very  dangerous man and one hell of a villain.

#7: Sinestro Corps. (DC Comics)

The villainous team lead by the former Green Lantern Sinestro, this group is a cosmic organization that runs on the yellow fear, instead of the green will of the Green Lantern Corp. While the symbol is very similar their philosophies are much, much different, making them major adversaries to the safety of the universe itself.

#6: Cobra Commander (IDW Publishing)

The leader of the Cobra Command, adversaries to G.I. Joe, has the symbol of the Cobra and a lot of snake themed weapons and plans. While they’ve never succeeded, they continue to pull off missions every now and then, likely to be stopped by the G.I. Joes at every turn.

#5: Venom (Marvel Comics)

One of the most terrifying Marvel villains, Venom is part human, part alien as a symbiote from outer space came to Earth and bonded with a human, creating the nearly unstoppable monster Venom. With his incredible strength, speed and other powers based on his symbiote structure, Venom is one villain that will never cease to stop with his mission against not only his nemesis Spider-Man, but the entire world.

#4: The Riddler (DC Comics)

One of the most noticeable symbols in the DC Universe, the Riddler is one of the strangest but most captivating villains. His clever and vengeful plots are known throughout Gotham for being some of the most complicated and interesting missions of kidnapping, murder and destruction, stopped only by one of the most major symbols himself, the Batman.

#3: Lex Luthor (DC Comics)

Superman’s arch villain has a pretty simple “L” encased in a circle, but that doesn’t mean he’s not dangerous. His intellect is a weapon all its own, not to mention the weapons of destruction, chaos and pain that he’s caused. He also managed to subdue and nearly killed Superman a few times, making him one of the most powerful men in he entirety of the DC Universe.

#2: Hydra (Marvel Comics)

Nothing says villains like a major terrorist organization. While they’ve been stopped by Captain America, the Avengers and many others, they continue to attempt to take over the world and create general havoc. Cut off one head and two more will take its place, as they say, and this is why Hydra remains dangerous: they never seem to want to go away.

#1: Legion Of Doom (DC Comics)

It’s the Legion of Doom, where the greatest super villains get together to try to take over the world. Many have tried and failed in this organization to take over the Legion as well as take out the Justice League. With notable villains such as Solomon Grundy, Captain Cold and more, these are the most dangerous villains in all of comics.

That’s it for this week! Be sure to come back next week for another look at comic book content with the Comic Countdown!

Russ Pirozek, known as "Noobcrawler" to some, is a gamer and comic book fan who sometimes gets around to writing for DigitalNoob.com. He's also awesome. If someone looked up "awesome" in the dictionary, his picture wouldn't be there, but that's because he's too busy being awesome to pose for a photo.

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