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Comic Countdown #71: Wishful Thinking

Posted on May 26, 2013 AT 03:49pm

Hello and welcome to the seventieth Comic Countdown! This week there has been a lot of talk about the appearance of Quicksilver in both the sequel to Avengers from Marvel Studios and Fox Studios’ X-Men: Days Of Future Past films, which has brought forth a lot of conflicting reports, news and drama from both studios about the rights of the major Marvel characters that were licensed off during Marvel’s less successful periods. With that in mind, the Countdown is happy to present  ten completely awesome but utterly impossible Marvel Comics events that will never happen due to irritating licensing agreements. Onward to the Countdown!

#10: FF

The newest incarnation of a team and a Fantastic Four universe adjacent title, FF joins a new Future Foundation team together to defend the world while the First Family is off taking care of some other business. With Scott Lang (Ant-Man), Jen Walters (She-Hulk), Ms. Thing and Medusa of the Inhumans on the team, any Marvel Studios/Fox adaptation of this would not work due to the upcoming MCU Ant-Man film (which uses Hank Pym, but does use the character name) and the Ms. Thing character (which is likely Fox owned due to their rights on the Fantastic Four). With the FF we know and love already a Fox franchise, trying to use the characters as they are won’t work without some major cooperation, which doesn’t seem likely.

#9: Future Foundation

Speaking of, the original Future Foundation series features a major character from the Marvel Universe was a temporary member after the death of Johnny Storm. As his final request, Storm asks his old buddy/rival Peter Parker to help his family. Spider-Man joins the team for awhile, mainly working with Reed Richards, Sue Storm and Ben Grimm as the heavy hitters of the team. Due to Fox’s ownership of the FF and Sony’s ownership of Spider-Man, this will never happen. An unfortunate thing, because a rebooted Fantastic Four film franchise with the death of Storm and the temporary emergence of Parker could have been terrific.

#8: Spider Island

Leading into more Spider-Man, the mini-event Spider Island is an impossible media property because of the way the series brought in MCU characters such as Luke Cage, Spider-Woman and the Avengers. Sony’s not playing nice with the rights to Spidey, and for good reason, which makes this an exciting idea that can only happen in the universe of comics and animated properties. While this wasn’t a majorly popular event, it did make for some fun, watching everyone swing around like the Spider for awhile.

#7: Marvel Zombies

Zombie films are incredibly popular in media today, and the Marvel Zombies franchise was always pretty enjoyable. But with the variety of characters used in the canon of the films, it doesn’t seem likely that it could be done with any accuracy. This could have been a really enjoyable action/horror film, with huge characters such as Spider-Man, Wolverine and the Hulk blasting through the other undead heroes of the Marvel Universe.

#6: Secret Invasion

The Skrull Invasion was a huge storyline in the previous decade with the introduction of the Secret Invasion storyline. With the shape-shifting aliens taking on the appearances of the mightiest heroes in the Marvel Universe. There are just too many characters that would complicate this storyline, making it a great Marvel event that will likely only live on in comics.

#5: Age Of Ultron

While this is a currently ongoing event, the Age Of Ultron event is epic and apocalyptic, but has too many characters to really work out. With the world now in ruins due to Ultron, Wolverine and Sue Storm (both owned by Fox) have to go out and kill Hank Pym (Marvel Studios) to stop Ultron from being created. Obviously Fox and Marvel would have to play nice, and that doesn’t seem to be working too well.

#4: Dark Reign

Norman Osborn as the main villain is a great idea, as he was and is one of the greatest Marvel villains of all time. He had a time where he was the leader of S.H.I.E.L.D., ran a team of Avengers, and tried to take over the entirety of the Marvel Universe in one fell swoop. His employ included Wolverine’s son Daken as Wolverine in his Dark Avengers team, Bullseye playing the part of Hawkeye and Osborn redefining the spy organization after taking over for Tony Stark. This leads to an triple conflict with all three major studios in conflict, making it utterly impossible for this to ever work in any major way. There are far too many moving pieces at work here for it to happen, but in an impossible world, this would make a great film.

#3: Thunderbolts

Having the newest incarnation of the Thunderbolts would be utterly awesome but completely impossible to ever work. With the Punisher, Deadpool, the Red Hulk, Venom and Elektra all on the team, there is again a three studio conflict with the franchises. This is a fun team-up that could make from a great action film. Too bad it’ll never work.

#2: Avengers Vs. X-Men

This is a pretty obvious one, as the two title franchises are on opposing studios. While this is kind of a disappointment in the comics version, a film version would actually be pretty interesting. With the comic element of the Phoenix Force, the entire Avengers roster, the X-Men roster and some incredible conflicts, this could be a terrific film were Fox able to cooperate with the MCU.

#1: Civil War

Possibly one of the greatest story arcs in Marvel history, seeing Captain America and Iron Man battle one another in an all-out war would be incredible. The impact of Spider-Man on the story is something that cannot be ignored, which would make this something that could unfortunately never work. Not being able to have the massive identity reveal of Peter Parker would make the resulting events illogical, ruining the brilliant story. This could be a major film or even several, given the scope of the arc, but unfortunately Sony, Marvel and Fox would all have to play nice.

Given the listings in this Countdown, one thing can be said about the impossible events Marvel Comics and their film franchises: It’s all Spider-Man’s fault, as his appearance in many major story arcs is integral to it working, and Sony isn’t sharing. That’s all for this week, make sure to check back next week for another installment of the Comic Countdown!

Russ Pirozek, known as "Noobcrawler" to some, is a gamer and comic book fan who sometimes gets around to writing for He's also awesome. If someone looked up "awesome" in the dictionary, his picture wouldn't be there, but that's because he's too busy being awesome to pose for a photo.

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