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Comic Countdown #78: Cosplay Away!

Posted on July 28, 2013 AT 12:45pm

Welcome to the seventy-seventh Comic Countdown! With San Diego Comic-Con now in the rear view mirror, it’s time to take a look at some of the amazing cosplayers that were seen at the show. Many people put a lot of work into their costumes, and so many of them looked completely amazing. With so much emphasis put onto the look and authenticity of looking like their favorite characters, these dedicated fans should be celebrated for all of their efforts. With that, it’s time to celebrate cosplay with this week’s Comic Countdown! (Note: All photos taken by the author unless otherwise noted)

#10: Sharknado!

Via TheMarySue

Okay, this one isn’t comics, but it is probably one of the more ridiculous, awesome and creative things seen at Comic-Con this year. The film of same name broke the internet when it premiered, and for someone to take the time and have the creativity to make a costume out of this is impressive. Great work.

#9: Captain Marvel And Wonder Woman

Two of the most popular women in comics team up for this next picture, with two terrific cosplayers taking on the roles of Carol Danvers and Diana Prince. Both costumes look incredibly accurate, and these two thoughtful ladies were happy to pose for a photo.

#8: Gwendolyn

ThisSaga character is not one of the most well-known, but the cosplayer here looks like a dead-on match for the very angry ex of Marko. The entire costume is near flawless, so congrats for all the hard work!

#7: Mega Man

Mega Man’s had his own comics, right? He’s also pretty awesome, as is the person who took the time and effort to carry around the bulky but impressive costume. He’s even got his own over-sized buster cannon, which looks great.

#6: Chelle, With Companion Cube

While there are some variations to the character, this is a great costume. The gender-swapped Chelle and the humanized Companion Cube are incredibly well done, and both of the fans are incredibly happy to be able to pose and show off all their hard work. Plus, a turret!

#5: The Doctor And Weeping Angel

While mostly known for their roles as television icons, these characters have appeared in comics throughout the history of the franchise, and these are some great costumes to feature on the Countdown! The convincing Eleventh Doctor and the very well done Weeping Angel look great here, and are thankfully well in character by this point.

#4: Cyclops

The first X-Man is in a more modern look here, but that visor looks pretty terrific, especially since it had working LED lights and everything. This fan went all out on making a realistic Cyclops costume here, and thankfully, there is a photo to capture it.


Via ComicVine

This incredibly realistic armored HawkGirl was in attendance this year, and given all the work it must have taken to get all that armor put together and to get the mace looking as great as it does, this fan deserves some credit for being so committed. Even the wings look real, which must have taken quite a long time to get together.

#2: War Machine

This is one of the most robust costumes this year, as this incredibly authentic War Machine has the complete look and feel of the character, and the shoulder turret is actually functional. This was a very popular fan at the show this year, and it’s well deserved, given the amount of work put into this costume.

#1: Batgirl And The Joker

Via Phoenix New Times

This hits the top spot mainly for the authentic character work done not only on the costume but in the way the fans look while having their photo taken. Both look great as their respective characters, and the history of the characters ring through in their poses. This is one of the coolest looking photos from the show, and thankfully, it’s also number one on this week’s countdown!

Thanks for checking out this week’s Countdown! Next week will be a brand new topic, so be sure to take a look!

Russ Pirozek, known as "Noobcrawler" to some, is a gamer and comic book fan who sometimes gets around to writing for He's also awesome. If someone looked up "awesome" in the dictionary, his picture wouldn't be there, but that's because he's too busy being awesome to pose for a photo.

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