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Cooler Master 3-for-1 [Tech] Review

Posted on December 8, 2012 AT 07:40pm

Master Cooler was kind enough to drop not just one item, but three, into this gamer’s lap to test out and have fun with. All together, we’ll be looking at the CM Storm Speed-RX L mouse pad, the Skorpion mouse bungee, and the CM Storm Recon mouse. We’ll start with something most people aren’t familiar with: the mouse bungee.

Now, a mouse bungee is a little stand that hold the cord of your mouse and moves around if given a tug. What does this mean for the PC gamer? This means that instead of having to worry about your cord getting caught on something or even getting in your way when you move your mouse, the Skorpion holds onto it and keeps it in place while you play. It’s easy to set up, the design is fetching, and if you need to break it down for storage, it’s easy to grab a hold of and take apart. It has a solid weighted core, and combined with it’s anti-shift feet, the Skorpion stays wherever you put it. If you’ve got the space for it, and are tired of your wired mouse getting in the way of your playing, then pick the Skorpion up; it’s perfect. And for $20, it’s a nice little accessory for one who likes the feel of a wired mouse in their hand but doesn’t want the hassle of dealing with a wireless one.

  • THE GOOD: The perfect accessory for any PC gamer, design is pretty cool, and for $20, it’s worth it.
  • THE BAD: If you’re hurting for space on your desk, you might have some troubles with this

SCORE: 9.0/10

Next we have the CM Storm Speed-RX L. I’m not a big fan of mouse pads since most mice are now optical and a ball mouse is pretty much obsolete, but once I laid out the Speed-RX L, I fell in love. At a whopping 450 x 350 x 5 mm (17.72 x 13.78 x .19 inches), it is a monster for my small desk, taking up almost half of the work space. The top is made out of Duracloth™, making it super smooth, and the bottom is made out of 100% rubber, keeping it in place a definite. Even though it’s only 5mm thick, it is enough to rest on and still be comfortable without my wrist hurting after hours of gaming. Extremely durable, and easy to wash in case you knock a drink or something over onto it, this is the mouse pad I should have had years ago.

  • THE GOOD: Smooth, durable, extremely comfortable
  • THE BAD: A little big for the average desk (or at least mine)

SCORE: 9.5/10

Last up is the CM Storm Recon, a mouse that doesn’t need much improvement. This thing has four DPI settings, 800, 1600, 3200, and 4000, each color coated with LED lights as unlit, red, green, and blue respectively; the mouse wheel, DPI buttons, and logo all change color according to the predetermined settings. But don’t let that stop you from creating your own combination. You can create up to five profiles and thirty-six macros to completely personalize your mouse for your gaming needs, and each zone for the lights can be tweaked or simply disabled with your personalize profiles. It moves flawlessly and combined with the fact that you can change your DPI whenever you want, you’ll never find yourself lagging or going too fast, and it stays where you put it. It is designed with left and right mouse buttons, two by your thumb and two by your pinky/ring finger so there’s plenty of choices to bind keys to for easy access. The body is a bit odd for me, since not only is it a bit small for my hand, but it’s built to be ambidextrous, so I end up hitting the buttons on the right side with my fingers depending on the game but they’re usually not bound so I lucked out.   For the price of $40, the Recon is a nice change of pace from some of the other mice I’ve used, giving me the quality I like in a gaming mouse without breaking the bank.

  • THE GOOD: Fair price of $40, plenty of customization with binding and speed, great quality
  • THE BAD: A bit small for my liking

SCORE: 9.0/10

You can check out all of Cooler Master’s products at their site here for all of your gaming needs!

As a gamer for life, I've watched many things come and go. My controller has changed color and shape many times, along with my console. A fan of action RPGs and the like, I'm always willing to give a good game the chance to impress me. || Editor-In-Chief || @GamingMistress || GamingMistress@DigitalNoob.com

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