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CoroCoro Provides Biggest X/Y Update Yet

Posted on August 8, 2013 AT 10:06am

Japanese gaming and comics magazine, CoroCoro, has just dropped one the largest Pokemon X/Y news bombs to date. Details leaked this morning, revealing new Pokemon, new abilities, new gym leaders and the the surprising new mechanic of “Mega Evolutions”. The official English site has not yet updated with the official localized names, but we will provide an update when that happens. And now for the details (Note that any names given will be using the current accepted Japanese translations, for obvious reasons):

  • First of all, there is the concept of “Mega Evolutions”. The entire process is not yet known, but it is believed to involve Pokemon-specific items and something called a “Mega Stone”. The Mega evos revealed thus far are: MegaBlaziken, MegaAbsol, MegaMawile, MegaMewtwo, MegaLucario and MegaAmpharos.
  • Mega Evos appear to take on new abilities, for instance, MegaMawile gains Huge Power, MegaBlaziken gets Speed Boost, MegaLucario has Adaptability, MegaAbsol has Magic Bounce, MegaMewtwo gets Insomnia and MegaAmpharos has Mold Breaker.
  • Mega Evos also appear to occasionally change types, for instance, MegaAmphros is Electric/Dragon.
  • A Torchic holding the new item Blaziken Knight will be distributed at launch in Japan via Wi-Fi. This Torchic can eventually evolve into MegaBlaziken. It is unknown if this will be an international distribution.
  • A new gym leader named Koruni was revealed. She is a Dark type gym leader and apparently will tell the player about Mega Evolutions.
  • Mega Evolutions means for the first time there will be Legendary evolutions, with the introduction of MegaMewtwo, and 4th Tier evolutions, with the introduction of MegaBlaziken and MegaAmphros.
  • Mawile and MegaMawile are Steel/Fairy, making Mawile yet another older gen Pokemon to gain the new Fairy Type.
  • Gogoat’s pre-evolution is called Meekuru. It is a pure grass-type and obviously looks like a baby goat.
  • An Electric/Fairy type was revealed, Dedenne, the Antenna Pokémon and has the abilities Pick Up or the new ability Cheek Pouches. It has the appearance of a smaller, cuter Raichu.
  • The Digging Pokemon, Horubii has been revealed. It is a pure Normal type and looks like a hare. It also has the abilities Pick up or Cheek Pouches.
  • A new facility was shown, dubbed the Super Training facility.

[Source: Serebii.net]


James Conrad is a Pokemon fanboy, lover of the arts and is forever broke.
Tweets: @JRCnrd
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Email: jrconradATdigitalnoob.com

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