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Darkness Comes to Daylight

Posted on February 12, 2013 AT 12:54pm

Technology and the infinite wonders it provides, but what if you are thrust into horror? Forget your angry birds, screw twitter all that matters is that flash light application. Pray to god that you have enough of a charge to make it through one hour let alone one day. Escape is your ultimate goal but try not to waver as the institution is sure to suck you into insanity. Hold that little piece of technology close as it may be the last thread linked to your sanity. Now open that hospital door and step into Daylight.

Daylight comes to PC players from Zombie Studios built off the beauty of Unreal Engine 4. Visually stunning lighting/graphics will take away the sanctum of your reality. Tired of the same old survival horror time to wade into a new darkness with an ever changing playing field. No matter the amount of times you enter the hospital the scenarios, items you find and lay out change for that specific play through. No longer will you feel like you have delved into the horror that is about to bestow you.

“I want to keep the player unsettled” said Jared Gerritzen, Studio Creative Head of Zombie Studios (@Gerritzen). “One thing I’ve learned from working on horror games in the past is that once you’ve played them you are never scared by them again. With Daylight we have built a system that will maintain the atmosphere of suspense no matter how many times you play it.” Speaking of the technology behind Daylight he said, “Being able to create a world that changes each time you play it is a huge step for games and is truly next generation.”

Spring 2013 will blow the doors of the hospital wide open patients will be basked in the horror of Daylight.

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