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Day Z Has Been Patched – Let’s Discuss The Changes

Posted on August 11, 2012 AT 11:52am

The new Alpha patch has been slowly, but surely, rolled out with a few minor but important changes to the game – here’s what’s been ‘fixed’ with my snarky comments thrown in for good measure.


  • * [FIXED]  Ammunition amounts not loaded in properly (Now records used ammunition correctly) – This is a huge fix, players basically had unlimited ammo before this…If you knew to log out and change clips correctly.
  • * [FIXED]  Graphical glitches with barbed wire (Rebinarized file should no longer produce graphical artifacts) – This is still affecting some players. With a full zoom out on your character (double tap the zoom out key) it should be fixed.
  • * [NEW]  Additional optimizations to login process (further use of publicVariableClient to reduce network transmission) – I have not experienced anything optimized about the login. Seems slow as ever.
  • * [FIXED]  Respawn button not enabled when legs fractured (Now enables for fractured legs – This is a god-send. I’ve had friends who have had to crawl to safety for an hour with broken legs and hearts.
  • * [FIXED]  Excessive logging of player data in server logs (Disabled – If this means less debug forest and plains I’m happy. Escaping hackers by alt-F4ing shouldn’t be punished by a stay in the debug area.
  • * [FIXED]  Graphical glitches with dead bodies (Rebinarized file should no longer produce graphical artifacts) – I’ve heard this has been fixed and I’ve heard it’s worse than ever. The double tap zoom out method may work, but the military ‘dead’ bodies around Stary and Bherizhino still seem to be causing glitches for some.

So like anything DayZ, the good comes with a bit of bad. I’m sure Rocket and the team are working to fix what their fixes broke and we will be back up to an optimized state in no time. Now they just have to take care of the hackers. Those. Damn. Hackers.

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