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Deadpool Kills Deadpool #2 [Marvel Comics] Review

Posted on August 8, 2013 AT 04:46pm

For all those major Deadpool fans out there who puts the Merc With A Mouth at the center of the Marvel Universe, taking joy in knowing that you’re right. At least, in the canon of the Deadpool Kills trilogy. Knowing that he’s a fictional character, Deadpool decides that the only way to stop the madness that is his life and flush out the people that created him is to kill everyone, including the fictional characters that inspired the Marvel universe. When they didn’t show, Deadpool realized that he was the creator of all things, and that to end the fictional world in which he lived, he must travel through the multiverse and kill every version of himself. That’s where this series leaves the Crimson Comedian, who already began that process last issue with the death of Deadpool Corp. mainstay Dogpool, as well as Golden Age Deadpool.

The first two miniseries in this trilogy were pretty hit and miss, and then, suddenly, the series that focuses only on the man himself makes its way in and blows everything else out of the water. This is a fun and violent series that takes all the ridiculousness of Deadpool and multiplies it infinite times. The various forms of Deadpool, including a Venompool, a Poolverine and even the murderous Pandapool all wreaking havoc on each other and the members of Earth 616 Deadpool crew, many of which were on the original Deadpool Corp. While it’s Deadpool to the point of overkill, so far, this is more fun than it is overabundance.

Writer Cullen Bunn finally seems to understand the madness that is the Crimson Comedian. With the third series in tow, this is finally a well written, well executed style that not only fits Bunn’s writing style but the style of the character. The humor that can only fit the character is there, and while again, there’s quite a few Deadpools in this series, to the point of going a bit over the top.  Two issues in, though, and this is easily the best of the trilogy, and it’s only looking to get more insane.

The art team of Salva Espin and Veronica Gandini does a great job as well, especially with handling the insane amount of violence that the book doles out. There are really clear and defined lines and color work, with some great creativity shown in the different types of Deadpools shown. (Beard of Beespool is a personal favorite) WIth so much to do in this book, it would have been easy to lose track and to let things get muddled. It didn’t though, and Espin and Gandini should be credited for making it look as good as it does.

Summary: It’s time for this series to begin to shine. It looks good, it’s funny and it’s completely ridiculous, and the entire creative team does a wonderful job in making this feel like the most insane thing in the world, but in a good way. While there may be a bit too much of the man himself in comics, and in this book especially, this is still a terrific ride that is more fun than expected.

Pros: Lots of Deadpool, great humor, terrific artwork.

Cons: Too Much Deadpool?

Grade: A

Russ Pirozek, known as "Noobcrawler" to some, is a gamer and comic book fan who sometimes gets around to writing for He's also awesome. If someone looked up "awesome" in the dictionary, his picture wouldn't be there, but that's because he's too busy being awesome to pose for a photo.

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