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Dear “Gamer Gurls”, GTFO

Posted on May 22, 2012 AT 12:45pm

I have been playing video games since I was old enough to hold a controller. There are few (and I mean VERY few) things in the gaming community that disgust me more than “Gamer Gurls”. Before you come at me with your torches and pitchforks, let me explain to you the difference between a female gamer and a “gamer gurl”. Since I already know some of you are putting on your troll hats as we speak, I’m going to lay this out as simply as I can.

A FEMALE GAMER is someone who genuinely loves video games. She plays them because it’s fun, whether it’s World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Legend of Zelda, or Ghost Recon. Female gamers don’t need to advertise their gender, because they generally want to be treated like everyone else. They don’t want you to care about the fact that they have lady parts and you don’t, they don’t want your attention, and they certainly don’t want you to fawn over them and be a distraction to them and the rest of the team.

This is NOT to say that just because they say something on XBL and you find out the player on your team has boobs that she’s a bad person or calling for attention. Frankly, we’d rather you just didn’t point it out at all and instead focus your attention on not feeding kills to the other team.

That’s the easy part. Now, we move onto the dreaded “Gamer Gurl”, the bane of every true female gamer.

A GAMER GURL is the airhead sitting on XBL saying, “Omgosh guys! Don’t kill me, I’m a GIRL!”. She’s the one sitting in her group of friends scoffing and saying, “Well I’m a gamer too”, even though she bought her Xbox a week ago because she heard somewhere that guys like girls who game, and wanted to get in on the “gamer chic” trend. It’s that earsplitting shriek in vent when the raid leader tells her she can’t go tonight because she’s sitting at a steady 2k dps on her max level Cataclysm mage, which her boyfriend leveled for her so she would stop complaining that he’s always on the game and they never do anything together. It’s the girl who uses her sexuality to take advantage of high ranking players in the community in order to become well known.

If anything in the above paragraph describes you, I’d just like to say that the rest of us are pretty embarrassed of you. You are the ones giving the rest of the gamers who happen to also have a vagina a bad rap. I have a lot of respect for women who stand up and say, “Yeah, I’m a girl. And?” and fight to be treated equally in the community we know and love. Don’t mistake websites like notinthekitchenanymore.com or fatuglyorslutty.com as catering to the Gamer Gurls. There is a BIG difference between calling out sexual harassment and being an attention whore.

* Thank you to Randi Harper (@freebsdgirl) for this image!

Just as bad as these “gurls” are the men (and women) in the gaming community who cater to this behavior. We get it. That Amumu is a girl in real life. You don’t need to point it out. You know that saying, “Don’t feed the trolls”? Don’t feed the Gurls either. Trust me, it’s better for all of us this way.

I’d also like to quote some statistics from the ESA (Entertainment Software Association) for 2011:

  • Forty-two percent of all players are women and women over 18 years of age are one of the industry’s fastest growing demographics.
  • Today, adult women represent a greater portion of the game-playing population (37 percent) than boys age 17 or younger (13 percent).

So if you’re looking to be “special” for being a female gamer, you missed that boat by a few years. Females account for almost half of the gaming demographic, so stop bragging to your male friends that you’re oh-so-cool because you played Gears of War for ten minutes. You’re not a “die-hard fan”, you’re just pathetic.

In closing, I’d like to say thank you to the ladies of the gaming community who are keeping it classy. To the rest of you, I want to say that you should pretty much just be ashamed of yourself. Just because you have the God-given ability to give birth doesn’t make it okay for you to make yourself look like an idiot. We don’t envy you…we feel sorry for you, that you can’t get anywhere on your own merit and abilities.

Do us all a favor and GTFO.

I wear footie pajamas, drink way too much coffee, and listen to Glee music on loop. I'm quirky, sarcastic, and there's (almost) nothing I won't do for kimchi fried rice. Find me anywhere under my gamer tag (Nightelyn).

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