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Digimon’s 1st Season Headed To DVD

Posted on August 2, 2012 AT 09:21pm

Digimon, digital monsters, Digimon are the champions! Change into digital champions to save and defend the world!

Soon after Pokemon started dominating American airwaves, everyone started trying to hop in the ratings bonanza. As syndication and Kids’ WB had Pokemon, Fox Kids picked up Digimon, a dub of a Japanese series that was the anti-Pokemon. Where Pokemon was set on a odd Earth, Digimon was set both in the “real world” and a digital expanse. While Pokemon can only say their name, Digimon can fully speak. Pokemon evolutions are permanent, Digivolutions are temporary. Instead of one Pokemon Trainer at the heart of the series (with dozens of Pokemon at his hand), multiple heroes each had one partner.

It was based of a keychain toy, and soon grew to be a major television animated series with over a dozen games.

The series has come and gone, with many different iterations, but easily the most memorable is the first series.

New Video Group has announced that they’ll be releasing the complete 54-episode dub in one box set for MSRP $79.99. It will come with a 36-page booklet. The set will be called The Official Digimon Adventure Set: The Complete First Season.

At last notice, Disney had the rights for the series. This will be the first complete set of anything Digimon.

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