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DigitalNoob Round Table: EA and Ubisoft at E3 2012

Posted on June 4, 2012 AT 06:23pm

That was a handful! After Microsoft’s start of the ceremonies, the E3 press conferences were continued today by Electronic Arts and Ubisoft, both of which came with some great and not-so-great games in their arsenal. The Noobs certainly had fun speaking their minds about these.

Russ Pirozek:

EA had some good things going, though the lack of innovation with Madden after all this time is surprising. Ubisoft hit the mark with AC3, but when they are debuting the Wii U before nintendo, something is very, very wrong. The  Wii U zombie game looks great, and it’s about time someone develops a mature title for Nintendo.

Luca Zanzi:

EA’s press conference was a whole lot of lackluster for me. I appreciate the added life span they’re giving Battlefield 3 with the Premium content pack, and I’m going to guess the next iteration of the franchise is being prepared for the next generation of consoles. The Old Republic gets a new planet and new companions, and I will have to block requests to build someone’s airport in SimCity Social, while SimCity 5 did look like a great update on a classic. Otherwise… meh. It just didn’t ring of E3 as much as a collection of average press releases.

Ubisoft once again does a s**t job picking their presenters. Aisha Tyler did a great job, but pairing her with Tobuscus was an unfortunate idea, although he did make a great target for her sarcasm. The absolutely gratuitous boobs that introduced us to Far Cry 3 didn’t do much to set my critical mood at ease. A new Rayman was shown on the Wii U and… what the hell was Nintendo thinking, letting another company show off their new console (albeit not a final version) before their own press conference!? And Rayman looked neat but nothing spectacular.  In fact, it downright looked like a game being played on a tablet. What do I need a TV for when I can see the action on the controller? ZombiU got an incredible trailer and I’m glad to finally see some M-rated action coming to Nintendo’s world.

AC3 had some great gameplay shown that only makes me more excited for its release this fall, and the announcement and demo of Watch_Dogs was the homerun of the evening. The game looks original, the graphics and animation incredible, and it more than deserved the ovation it got. No release date, but that’s what I’ll be waiting for over the next year.

Rich McGonigle:

Ubisoft’s Far Cry 3 gameplay video started on a very unfortunate note that made me cringe – the blatant nudity. Sadly, the unnecessary display of nudity darkened the mood and took some of the wind out of my sails for Far Cry 3. Beyond that, Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed 3 presentation was very slick and Watch_Dogs looks to be absolutely insane. A surprisingly good showing from Ubisoft, and I’m looking forward to their product, even if I don’t agree on how it is being marketed.

Amanda Marron:

There wasn’t much that caught my eye in the EA presentation. Battlefield Premium is just too little, too late. It just seems like a ripoff of Call of Duty ELITE. I’ve never been a big Medal of Honor player, but Warfighter looks pretty good. I’m especially interested in the multiplayer, with the chance to be different Tier 1 units from across the globe.

I wish Maxis would take a look back at their roots. Nothing of theirs has captured my interest since The Sims first appeared on PC. I played a bit of The Sims Social, but it’s nothing compared to the original game.

Ubisoft came out swinging with Assassin’s Creed III and Watch_Dogs. I’m going to receive a lot flack for this, but I’ve never had an AC title capture my interest. AC3 totally did. American Revolution, baby! Out of nowhere, came Watch_Dogs from Ubisoft Montreal. If the trailer is this much of a mindf**k, imagine what the game will be like.

I’m not sure how I feel about Wii U just yet. It looks pretty complicated to control, but the games offered are bar none. ZombiU’s setting in London with “God Save the Queen” playing just captured my mind. As a fan of the Rabbids series, I’d love to see how Rabbids Legends plays out. Of the three conferences so far, Ubisoft definitely took the cake.

Rudy Colon:

Dead Space 3, Most Wanted, Crysis 3, Rayman, Assassins Creed 3, Watch_Dogs…my wallet is afraid of me right now. While both press events weren’t 100% awesome, they were certainly better then Microsoft as they went all out and showed us why we watch E3; to see the kick ass video games. While the games I named above were all bad ass in their own way, it was Ubisoft with their new IP, Watch_Dogs, that I feel has stolen the show so far. It’s something new, and while skeptical and lost at first, it ended being very impressive. I’m looking forward to finding out more details on it but for now we wait to see what Sony and Nintendo bring to the table.

Stephen Fournier:

Surprisingly enough, EA had a pretty decent showing. They started off their conference with some in-game footage of Dead Space 3, showed off some of the co-operative play and fought a drill. Oh and the giant bug thing was rather cool as well. As this is EA we had to move on to sports games eventually and of course I did not give a damn, the fact that it was mostly a football player talking about the game and less actual gameplay footage didn’t help. SimCity came next with….oh joy a facebook game. At least I can blot that bit of my childhood dying with the game footage we got of the new SimCity game, you know, the real one. It looks nice, and the multiplayer options for it seem to not be in your face and instead more of an add-on, although I do want to know if it is online only before I put any money down on it. Battlefield was up next to announce Battlefield Premium which is their version of Call of Duty Elite. Honestly, it’s a little too late to the party if they want to seem innovative with that. The rest of their conference was filled with gameplay footage of Crysis 3, The Old Republic, more sports games, and a new Need for Speed game. While very few of these interested me, at least I can say that it was a good showing from EA.

Now the first half of the Ubisoft conference was a joke, no two ways around it. You don’t try and entertain a bunch of video game journalist and industry people by starting your event off with Just Dance 4 and Flo Rida trying to get your hands in the air. Bringing on Toby “Tobuscus” Turner did not help my interest in this conference. Far Cry 3 was pretty but did very little to actually make me interested in the game. Fans of the series are going to pick it up no matter what and nothing I say will change that. The next few entries aren’t even worth mentioning until I got to laugh at Nintendo’s little screw up. You don’t let someone else debut your new console before you do! New Rayman and Zombies are set to come to the Wii U when it’s released and I can’t find a reason to give a damn.

And then the impossible happened, something kicked the complete lack of care I had for this conference off a cliff with sheer awesome, and that thing was Assassins Creed 3. We got a nice CGI cutscene which was okay, but then we got gameplay footage of Conner. Killing, running through the tree, and character interaction abounded in the video footage and dear god was it gorgeous! The conference ended on another highpoint that had me drooling for more. Watch Dogs is an interesting looking title with enough big brother in it to make me very happy.

Long story short, two interesting title and the knowledge I’m going to be laughing my ass off during Nintendo’s “Debut” of the Wii U were all I got from this conference.



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