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Dishonored [PS3] Review

Posted on October 19, 2012 AT 05:00pm

Dishonored plunges you the player into a dystopian Victorian era realm. Placed into the streets, sewers and mansions of Dunwall which is modeled after London. Society falls apart around you but there are still those that try to uphold true justice. Watch as a plague sweeps through laying waste and discordance to a scared people. Rising out of the fear a leader takes hold of the situation but will be cut down short of fulfilling her plan. Arkane Studios partnered with Bethesda Softworks took Steampunk to a new level. Without actually playing to the cliche style they touched base on the ingenuity of man. Players will be able to immerse themselves into the chaos that Dishonored will thrust upon them. Players who have enjoyed games such as Assassins Creed, Thief or enjoy a good Steampunk game will find themselves right at home.

Players embody Corvo Attano, a legendary bodyguard to the Empress who is framed for her murder and forced to become an assassin to seek revenge on those who conspired against him. Facing the upper crust of society alone would be a mission marched into disaster. Attano quickly is aided in his quest by the Outsider, a powerful being who imbues him with magical abilities. Action combined with adventure your goal is to erase the dark deed against you and clear your name. Lucky for Corvo a group known as the Loyalist know that his word is true and he has been framed. Assassination is the only means to control those who have grasped powers in their hands. Victorian era Dunwall has been ripped apart by a plague and a monster ruler uses the fear to his advantage. With the Empress slain and her daughter missing, Lord Regent Hiram Burrows can rule with an iron fist. Corvo’s goal has went from protection to annihilation of those that have wronged him.

Dishonored has a varied gameplay style that most gamers can compartmentalize themselves into. Whether you like the straight forward action styled game or a more stealthy approach. Depending on how you want to play the game can be enjoyed one of two ways. Hide in the shadows taking the high road or diving into the killing sword drawn. Dishonored offers players unique ways to take down enemies or completely evade them. Watch as Corvo uses his skill as an ex guard turned assassin.  Depending on your level of involvement you can enjoy the game with varied difficulties. Easy offers a leisurely stroll through a park. Where as the normal mode gives a bit more challenge to the player. Hard ups the skill set users need to employ for completion of the game. Looking for a bit more challenge choose the hardest setting where sneaking is a must. Abilities abound letting users blink across the map into shadows or possesses everything from guards to rats. Players also get to enjoy an RPG styled system to upgrade the tools and equipment Corvo uses. Collecting runes, charms and money along the way.

Style in games alter how well you can inject yourself into the world. Dishonored beautifully presents the Victorian style but puts the Steampunk twist on it without overdoing it. Sneaking in the shadows you realize how much peril the city is in. Main streets still have a certain sleek look to them. In no time though the graphic style changes as you find yourself in the more ravaged parts of town. Makers of Dishonored took care in distinguishing old from new and the posh to the poor.  Styles are unique from the normal street dwellers to the higher class. Character design offers a foray into how bad off the situation has become as well. Less well off street dwellers quickly become recognizable by the rags they wear. Where encountering the higher class they are dressed to impress. One area for me Dishonored shined is how well they did present the dystopin and desolate streets.  Trash littered streets add just that little touch pushing the graphics over the top. Whether sludging through sewers, clinging to the shadows or traversing rooftops you will be impressed with the graphics. Immersion fully into a game often depends on how well the music molds with the action. Dishonored‘s soundtrack does what it is meant to do tying the experience all together. Sound effects are also spot on giving you a full enjoyment experience. One other decision by the design team offered a way for players to fully embody Corvo Attano. You will quickly realize he has no voice or speaking parts offering players the ability to be his voice.

Lasting appeal presents itself with a multitude of options and differences in play style. Options of difficulty added with differences in play style give a range of rplay value. Combining difficulty with a new style of playing through the game will give more then one play through a new outlook. Add into the game achievements or trophies depending on your system of choice you add in more reason to enjoy another playthrough. Exploration alone offers a reason to play through the game more then once. In certain instances I found myself more apt to just explore forgetting the task at hand. Adapting different play styles will give each playthrough a unique change in replay and appeal. Whether wanting to just blast through the game or take time to fully explore and accept side missions. Killing everything in your wake offers one way to enjoy the game or you can sneak your way to a sleek no kill style. Buying the game at full price would surely not make you feel like you wasted your money on a one and done title.

  • THE GOOD: Multiple ways to play
  • THE BAD: Controls can be touchy when using the ability wheel
  • THE UGLY: The plague

SCORE: 9.0

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