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Dragon Quest X New Gameplay Trailer

Posted on June 25, 2012 AT 02:46pm

More information has finally been released regarding Dragon Quest X, the new MMO coming from Square-Enix.

In the latest trailer we see the gameplay in action as of the most recent changes as well as a bunch of features that were unknown to the public.

  • Placement in battle makes a difference towards dodging, blocking, attack accuracy and spell casting.
  • Each vocation (job class) has numerous skills and abilities that are derived from previous installments in the series.
  • You can change vocations to one of the default six at any time via the Alltrades Abbey (ala DQIX).
  • Each player will own their own residence (just like in FFXI) and be able to furnish it with various items.
  • Players will be able to invite others into their residences.
  • Crafting styles are broken down into alchemy, tailoring, woodworking and blacksmithing.
  • Each crafting style requires certain ingredients in order to make a recipe and a mini game has to be completed for there to be any success at said recipe.
  • Series staples as far as items and equipment are confirmed including the “Metal Slime” equipment series.
  • Interactions between various players is currently handled via in game chat through the use of a soft keyboard or a physical one plugged into the Wii/Wii U via USB.
  • Plenty of emoticons and character gestures are available for quick responses to other players.
  • A guild mechanic seems to be present as well as a way to summon (or be summoned) via guild means and travel to a meeting spot instantly.
  • Combat follows a mix of classic DQ gameplay and real time battles like in FFXI.
  • The first 20 hours of gameplay will be free to all new players on their first time playing the game.
  • Kids will have special “free play” time periods Monday through Friday, and a different interval on Saturdays.

Dragon Quest X has no official release date as of yet but will be coming out for the WiiU console. Is anyone excited for this at all?

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