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E3 2012: Sony Press Conference Play-By-Play

Posted on June 4, 2012 AT 07:43pm

A play-by-play of the Sony Press Conference at E3 2012.

  • Montage of Sony footage from all platforms followed by SCEA CEO Jack Tretton thanking the gamers who play their games. Jack pays tribute to Sony’s President & CEO, Kaz Hirai.
  • Quantum Dream’s next title – Beyond: Two Souls coming to PS3 exclusively. Death is the biggest mystery of mankind, what happens after we die? This game stars Jody Holmes (voiced by Ellen Page), who can speak to the dead. Will be out later this holiday season.
  • PS3 is six years old!
  • PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is available for Vita and cross-compatible with PS3. Cross-compatibility is demonstrated by SuperBot players. It has a big similarity to Super Smash Bros.
  • Unveiled two new characters for PASBR – BioShock’s Big Daddy and Uncharted’s Nathan Drake.
  • Cross-Play play with up to 3 of your friends on Vita or PS3. Also supports Cross-Save, can save on PS3 and pick up later on Vita.
  • Cross-Controller DLC will make Vita become an enhanced controller for Little Big Planet 2 on PS3. While also include new stickers, decorations, options and more for LBP2.
  • Supposedly, 80% of PS3s and Vitas are online and PSN has 1500 downloadable titles. Journey is the most downloaded PSN game. Expect 200 new PSN titles over this year.
  • Starting tomorrow, Playstation Plus members will get 12 new titles for free download, such as Infamous 2, Little Big Planet 2, and Saints Row 2.
  • Everyone in E3 conference audience gets one year free of PlayStation Plus.
  • Some PSOne Classics are confirmed for download on the Vita this summer to include FFVII.
  • YouTube, Hulu Plus and Crackle coming to Vita.
  • Call of Duty coming to Vita with seamless online play. Call of Duty Black Ops Declassified coming this holiday season.
  • Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation built ground up for Vita. The story is set in New Orleans and features first ever female assassin, as well as an open world. It will be out in October.
  • Link Liberation and Assassin Creed III on PS3 to receive special armor and such for characters in each game.
  • Special Bundle for AC3: Liberation – first Crystal White Vita, 4 gig memory and Liberation game.
  • Assassin’s Creed III producers show some gameplay footage at sea for this American Revolution staged game.
  • Assassin’s Creed III will launch Day 1 with PS3 Hardware bundle.
  • Four player co-op for Far Cry 3. Great demonstration with devs calling out to each other.
  • Far Cry 3 will also ship with a map editor.
  • A new book peripheral for the PS3, Wonderbook. Uses the PlayStation Eye as well.
  • MoonBot Studios announces Diggs Nightcrawler for Wonderbook.
  • JK Rowling teams with Wonderbook with Book of Spells, and also will include Pottermore. PlayStation Move controller becomes your magic wand.
  • HTC is the first non-Sony company to produce PlayStation certified phones.They’ll also get PlayStation Suite, but wait, it’s being renamed to PlayStation Mobile.
  • God of War: Ascension sneak peek. Due out March 12, 2013.
  • Naughty Dog’s The Last Of Us shows some gameplay.
  • Sony’s one wish for gamers – “Never stop playing”.
Amanda "Mandie" Marron is a US Navy Veteran, Gamer, Reader, Poet, Xbox Community Ambassador, Battlestar Galactica Aficionado, Wine Connoisseur, and all around geek. Follow me on Twitter: @Caprickah

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