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E3 2012 – Ubisoft Press Conference Play-By-Play

Posted on June 4, 2012 AT 04:37pm

A play-by-play of the Ubisoft Press Conference at E3 2012.

  • Opens with Just Dance 4 and a group of girls that look like they are straight out of an 80s workout video. Flo Rida performs “Good Feeling”.
  • Toby Turner (Tobuscus) is hanging out backstage with himself apparently.
  • “We’re a little bit gay. All of us.” – Aisha Tyler, about the 80s workout dancing girls.
  • Ubisoft is coming out hard right now. Gay jokes, nudity, sex.
  • Far Cry 3 gameplay preview. In the jungle making love to a beautiful woman, which leads us right into the trailer.
  • Splinter Cell Blacklist Release Trailer. No gameplay, more of a cinematic trailer. The action is damn awesome, though.
  • The Avengers: Battle For Earth is looking fantastic. Shows us Wolverine, Venom, Spiderman, Storm, Magneto, Captain America, among others. Coming in Fall of 2012. Confirmed for multi-platform including the Wii U.
  • Rayman Legends can play with up to 5 people on co-op. Can be played using the GamePad or the Wii U Pro controller. The Wii U GamePad can be used to control either Rayman or Murphy. Players can also switch between 2D and 3D.
  • ZombiU trailer, exclusive for the Wii U. A zombie game set in London with “God Save the Queen” playing in the background. Looks fantastic.
  • New Wii U games from Ubisoft – Rabbids Legends, Your Shape Evolved 2013, Sports Connection, Skid to Victory, Just Dance 4.
  • Assassin’s Creed III in the middle of the American Revolution??? Hell YES! George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Lafayette, and Lee will also be in the story. Absolutely phenomenal trailer, gameplay is even better. Demo is being run via the PS3. None of the other AC’s caught my interest, this one just did.
  • Conner (the new Assassin) is first shown to us as hunting in the woods, thus fulfilling missions by doing so. While there is a focus on the British “enemy”, Conner must face foes on both sides of the war.
  • Time being wasted by a girls vs guys match in Shootmania, a new free-to-play PVP style shooter. Shootmania is still in alpha, but users can sign up for the beta.
  • Lots of free-to-play games showcased – Trials Evolution, The Settlers Online, Ghost Recon Online, and more.
  • Ubisoft Montreal presents a game called Watch_Dogs. Play a character who controls a ctOS (a computer that controls a city) and seems to be a master hacker. You have to watch the trailer and gameplay preview to even get a sense of the awesome that this game has in store. No date on its release, though.
Amanda "Mandie" Marron is a US Navy Veteran, Gamer, Reader, Poet, Xbox Community Ambassador, Battlestar Galactica Aficionado, Wine Connoisseur, and all around geek. Follow me on Twitter: @Caprickah

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