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[E3 2013] Pokemon X/Y News Wrap-Up

Posted on June 11, 2013 AT 07:35pm

Pokemon fans the world had a massive fangasm after Nintendo revealed more details about the game then in previous news bombs. In addition to new Pokemon and new features a release date was also announced along with one new trailer and supposedly a second was also shown to press at E3. You can view the trailer and a complete break-down of all that was said about the games below.

  • A new type has been added, the Fairy Type. All that is known is that it is super effective against Dragons. The new Eeveelution Sylveon is Fairy type, along with three older generation Pokemon as of time of writing: Jiggilypuff, Gardevoir, and Marril.
  • Sylveon can learn the new Fairy-type move, Moonblast which has a chance of lowering the opponent’s special attack.
  • Gardevoir can learn the new Fairy-type move Fairy Wind. It only know that it can do damage.
  • A new bat Pokemon was shown: Noivern, a Flying/Dragon type. He also has the new Normal-Type attack, BoomBurst, which seems to be the Normal version of Earthquake.
  • A new moth/butterfly Pokemon was shown: Vivillon, a Bug/Flying type. It can learn Struggle Bug.
  • A new Poison/Water-type was shown: Skrelp, a seahorse. It can learn Sludge Bomb.
  • A new pure Water Type was shown: Clauncher, a crustacean lobster thing. It can learn Crabhammer.
  • A new Flying/Fire Type was shown: Talonflame, which is also an evolution of Fletchling. Talonflame can learn Brave Bird.
  • Backwards compatibility with 4th and 5th gen games is “being worked on”
  • Players will be given the option to play the game in 1 of 7 languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, or Korean
  • The new Player Search System (PSS) allows for players to look for fellow players locally and over wi-fi to battle and trade. Players found via the PSS automatically become “acquaintances” and be looked up at anytime. Acquaintances that are interacted with more then once will be given the option to be moved to the Player’s Friend List. Up to 100 friends are permitted to be on the in-game Friends List. PSS will also automatically sync with your 3DS system friends list.
  • A new battle system has been revealed: Horde Encounters. Horde Encounters can involve up to 5 on 1.
  • Another new battle system has been revealed: Sky Battles. As the name implies, these take place in the skies, however only Levitators and Flying-types can participate.
  • The games also feature multiple camera viewpoints, including a split-screen view
  • Rhyhorn confirmed as another ridable Pokemon, which can be ridden in rocky terrain. Other Pokemon can be ridden as well and it was said that different Pokemon are better for different terrains. Apparently this will also be used as a movement mechanic in some gyms.
  • An option will be given, allowing players to choose the music track they want before the start of a battle.
  • A new mechanic has been revealed: the Pokemon-Amie system. the PA system allows player to directly interact with one Pokemon at a time. While in the system, they can pet the Pokemon, feed them, mimic moves, the list goes on. According to text on the official site, the PA system helps grow your bond with your Pokemon. It unclear if this has anything to do with the Happiness stat to aid with those annoying Happiness Evos.
  • Pokemon X and Y have both been put up on the 3DS eShop, though they obviously are not yet available for download. Text on their eShop info pages says they do have SpotPass and StreetPass functionality, though it unclear what those functions are. It is heavily implied this may have something to do with the PSS. Additionally, like all other Nintendo-developed titles, X and Y will be available as both Digital Download and at retail.
  • The official international release date is October 12th. So mark it on your calender, and let the agony of waiting for a new Pokemon game begin.

James Conrad is a Pokemon fanboy, lover of the arts and is forever broke.
Tweets: @JRCnrd

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