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[E3 2013] Stinky Footboard Hands (and Feet) On

Posted on June 14, 2013 AT 06:25am

It’s not often that I get the chance to see a PC accessory that is a completely unique idea, but that is exactly what the Stinky Footpedal is. There are certainly foot pedals available already, but they usually only have one button, and most people use them for push-to-talk. The Stinky Footpedal offers gamers four buttons, all able to be mapped to any keyboard function. In addition, the Footpedal works with Shift, Ctrl, and Alt keys, bringing the total to 16 keys. This is an accessory that will change the way you game.

The Footpedal is a four-way directional pad, so to hit each button, you simply lean your foot in one direction. It doesn’t take much effort to push the Footpedal down, but you can rest your foot on the pedal and not worry about accidentally pushing a button. It does have a learning curve, and initially it takes some concentration to remember which way to roll your foot. I tried the Footpedal with Hawken, and with my foot taking care of jumping, boosting, and healing, my hands were free to concentrate on movement and weapons without having to move my fingers across the keyboard. I certainly didn’t master the use of the Footpedal in my brief demo, but I’m sure that given a week using it, I wouldn’t have to give it a second thought. It could be especially useful for games that make use of numeric hotkeys. Instead of moving your hand to a number, you could keep it on WASD and let your foot do the rest of the work. I can see this product giving MMO gamers a huge advantage.

The Stinky Footpedal is set to be released later this summer, so look for a full review here on Digitalnoob in the coming months.

Mike Fugate is the type of guy that you can count on to blab all your secrets to the world. He also kind of has a thing for video games, exercise, and Buckyballs. If for some reason you want to listen to him talk, go listen to his PC Gaming podcast AFC - Away From Computer here on DigitalNoob.

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