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EA Not Wanting to Take Dead Space 3 Away from Horror Genre

Posted on June 16, 2012 AT 12:48pm

EA is well aware that the Dead Space fans are afraid that Dead Space 3 will not be as scary as the previous two installments but, “Have no fear” says EA.

“We definitely do not want to piss off our fans by taking [Dead Space 3] too far from horror.”

That’s according to EA Labels president Frank Gibeau, who has admitted to CVG that the publisher is aware of the less-than-ideal reception its E3 Dead Space 3 trailer received from the game’s fan base.

“What we’ve tried to do with each installment is tell a different story about Isaac but at the same time bring in new features and ways to turn the game into a more connected experience,” he stated.

“So we tried to open up the accessibility of the IP a little bit by adding a little bit more action, but not undermining the horror. We can’t not be a horror game because that’s what Dead Space is.

“We listen to the fans and we hear them. We’re going to be releasing more assets over the coming months that show you how deep the horror is. It’s definitely not getting away from gore or horror, but at the same time it’s opening up to a larger audience by adding some elements.”

I think when EA announced that they were adding co-op that it made fans a little hesitant on where EA is taking this series. I can understand their dilemma but I don’t think adding in a friend will hurt the “scariness” experience for you.

Also, in case you missed it, DigitalNoob has a video showcasing the first ever gameplay video with a developer. If you  haven’t seen it then click here!

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