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Endlessly Killing Orcs is Cathartic

Posted on July 6, 2012 AT 04:12pm

I don’t like orcs, smelly green monsters with a penchant for bashing anything they see upside the head with an axe. Now Robot Entertainment goes and tells me that they have a new game mode that people who hate orcs will sink far too much time into. The new Endless game mode challenge is a single player or co-op game mode where players must fight off an all-out assault from never ending waves of the irritating green buggers. In the beginning, players will start off with a small starter allowance of gold to spend on traps to kill the endless horde, to get more gold you need to kill some orcs and then build more traps to impale, burn, or crush the rest of them. Endless mode will feature five completely new levels designed specifically for this game type and a special creature by the name of Mr. Moneybags.

Unfortunately this isn’t the money grubbing bear from the Spyro games. Every five waves of orcs you defeat will trigger this friendly looking fellow to stroll through your level, be sure to kill him as doing so will make you a lot of gold to kill more orcs.

I think I’m focusing a little too much on the whole killing part of this game and not enough on the story. Orcs Must Die 2 is set just days after the ending of the original game, with the rifts closed and the Order dead, the War Mage must now survive against a mindless orc horde. Now though he has a friend in the form of the Sorceress who was attempting to kill you in the first game. Other than that it seems to be a lot of the same orc killing cathartic fun that made the first a hit. Orcs Must Die! 2 will be available on Steam on July 30th.

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