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EQuala, DJ Your Life

Posted on April 12, 2013 AT 08:28am

Frantically you are searching through your emails, Facebook and Youtube trying to find that one song. Damn your friend it is stuck in your head but you just can’t remember where you left it. Has this ever been you? Searching for music that a friend shared could drive any one insane. Ever wanted to make your friends the DJ’s of your music playlist. Does Jimmy have an eclectic taste, while Susie has more of a goofy flair? Why not have a way to give them a chance to let their music shine.

EQuala is a new way to share, discover and rock out to music shared by you and your friends. Mixing the best of the likes of Spotify, Pandora and Facebook. Your network of friends become your own personal radio station. No longer are you wading through weeks worth of posts to find that one song. Introduction to music your friends like brings on a new era of listening. Your social network now is your 24/7 radio station.

The About Us Section of EQuala say it best.

At the foundation of EQuala lies the revolutionary “Friends EQualizer”, which allows users to control their music stream and select whose music will play more frequently. By relying on technology that accesses music previously shared on Spotify, Youtube, Facebook, and more, EQuala develops comprehensive profiles that enable friendly dialogue dedicated to music.

Say goodbye to texts, chats or web-based platforms for music recommendations. The automatic flow of music from one friend to another solves the gap between asking, downloading and listening. Moreover, EQuala enables users to interact socially with one another through the “love”, “shout”, and “re-shout” buttons.

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Beverly Hills, CA 90211

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