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Fairy Bloom Freesia [PC] Review

Posted on December 10, 2012 AT 10:49am

Fairy Bloom Freesia comes to us by way of the Japanese game market localized by Nyu Media. Like many other offerings from Nyu Media, the market for these games is limited. Fairy Bloom Freesia stands out in a different way from the rest of the pack. Surprisingly rich in the undertaking, if you do take a chance to play, you will not be disappointed. Offered through Steam, it will be an easy find combined with a low price point.

Fairy-fu, protecting the forest, green hair? What does it all add up to? You are Freesia, guardian of the forest and trees with the objective of protection. Set in Lita forest, golems have invaded and your job, nay, your duty is to offer up protection. Inflicting swift justice comes in the form of powerful combos coupled with techniques. As Freesia progresses, she has a chance to learn new techniques. Progression is spliced in with the visual novel type cut scenes; bosses, friends, foes are all introduced here. Immerse yourself in the struggle of where good meets evil. Green meets black and your fairy-fu is more powerful then the fists of the great Chuck Norris.

Beat Em Up; that is the best way you can explain this game there is not much more depth to it. As far as gameplay goes Fairy Bloom Freesia doesn’t offer much in the way of controls. Time will be spent button mashing more then it will planning out attacks. (Though depending on your over all play style you can choose to do either). During boss fights you will learn this all too well that button mash versus technical play needs to be weighed. You do have a few varied options on attacks but no real level of change is added. Challenge of the overall game is very little if at all. Combos and building them will become a goal quickly. I had fun trying to rack up 100 hit combos.

Colorful and crisp backgrounds lend a real sense of personality to the game and attacks feel like a fireworks display of visual beauty with some pyrotechnical visual feedback. Well-designed characters are brought to life with fluid animations or sharp, detailed portraits in cutscenes which give them life. Sound effects inside the game do have a monotonous tone in some cases, added in the sound track keeps everything feeling whimsical and airy. Dialogue will certainly throw you for a loop with some of the bizarre things you will hear, the translation is done beautifully.

Fairy Bloom Freesia is, unfortunately, shallow in the gameplay department. Time invested will only set you back a few hours giving you that feeling. Later levels may give you a run for your money but will only add in a bit of time before you beat the game. Price for the overall investment does equate a good deal in hindsight but sadly, Fairy Bloom Freesia could have offered much more, falling short of greatness.

SUMMARY: Fairy Bloom Freesia offers up some amazing 2D styled beat em up type gameplay. Add into the package a quirky Japanese styled game with beautiful graphics, and ultimately, you have a great game package that anyone would be glad to play. Sadly, because of the smaller gaming market release, it will only get a few looks with potential to be a much better game it would be nice to see a more well funded version of this game.

  • THE GOOD: Offers up brilliant graphics and fun bet em up 2d styled fighter
  • THE BAD: Repetitive gameplay, not much in the way of a challenge
  • THE UGLY: Getting into the game was hard as hell. (You use the Z button for the accept command, which threw me off)

SCORE: 8.0/10

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