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“Final Fantasy VII” Released, Pulled, Unplayable

Posted on August 5, 2012 AT 06:18pm

Final Fantasy VII is a landmark game for many gamers; the first Final Fantasy for Sony platforms, it merged gameplay and story into a combination unseen for many. While initially released for the original PlayStation, it has been digitally available on the PlayStation 3 and PSP, and soon enough on the PlayStation Vita, but it’s never been on computers.

Actually, wait, yes it did. It came out on Windows way back around the original launch.

Still, Square Enix is looking forward to a rerelease of the title on Windows. Having added Achievements, cloud saves, and “Character Booster”, the minimally-enhanced title will be exclusive to the Square Enix store. No Steam, no Desura, but it’s a start.

The game was temporarily made available last night (for a total of $12.70), but the title failed to activate for players, via SecuROM DRM and manual serial number entry, Joystiq reports.

The game will likely be available soon enough, and those that purchased the title will also likely be able to play it soon enough. If you can’t wait for a game from 1997, you can always track down the old Windows copy, or the PSN copy, or the original disc…

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