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Firefall MGU, Bringing The Game To The Gamer

Posted on September 11, 2012 AT 12:33pm

Earlier this year at PAX East, I had the privilege to sit down and chat about the game with the lead designer of Firefall, and loved the game. Since then, I have been a part of the Firefall beta along with many of you. At PAX Prime, not only was there a huge, glorious Firefall booth, but there was also something else…the Firefall MGU.

Located down the street from the main theater, the Firefall MGU was huge, beautiful, and SO incredibly cool. As a part of the promotion for the game, the team at Red 5 paired up with West Coast Customs to completely redesign the vehicle into what it is today—The Firefall Mobile Gaming Unit.

Starting this fall, a few members of the development team will be touring the MGU at college campuses all over the country, allowing a whole new group of people who haven’t tried the game to play.

Inside the MGU are twenty very sci-fi looking gaming stations. During PAX Prime, teams played King of the Hill in ten minute matches in order to win Razer prize packages. If you haven’t had a the opportunity to playtest Firefall yet, keep yourself up to date on the MGU location, and PLEASE go check it out at a college campus near you!

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