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Flight of the Paper Planes

Posted on August 2, 2012 AT 04:45pm

Paper planes, most of us have at some time dabbled in creating a few. Whether for fun, racing friends or just out of sheer boredom it was a right of passage as a kid. Now in a digital age the art of paper planes is a lost one to this generation. Well that is until now thanks to Armor Games. Once a PC flash game Flight has flown its way into the hands of mobile users. I highly recommend this game but be careful you don’t throw your mobile device.

Flight features:

  • Hours of Flying - Travel across the globe and enjoy each story with its very own cutscene. The game takes many hours to beat and new challenges and achievements will have players coming back for more.
  • Power-ups Galore - Pick up power-ups in your mid-air flights to give your paper plane boosts and collect stars to acquire money to spend on upgrades.
  • Pimp my Flight - Tons of upgrades to customize your aviation machine from the money you collect on your adventure. Increase your plane’s velocity, increase the amount of fuel for boost or lighten the weight of your paper plane for a slower descent. Strategic upgrade choices will determine how far your plane will stay up in the skies!
  • It’s all about ‘feeling good’ on the go - No matter what you do, you can only make positive progress. Fans of the game that enjoyed Flight on Flash praised the game for its ‘relaxing’ sensation. Now you can bring that experience on the go with your iPod/iPad!
  • Share and compete against others - Share your plane designs and in-game achievements with your friends or compete for the highest scores.

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